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* valid.h : interface to the DTD handling and the validity checking
* See Copyright for the status of this software.
#ifndef __XML_VALID_H__
#define __XML_VALID_H__
#include "tree.h"
* ALl notation declarations are stored in a table
* there is one table per DTD
typedef struct xmlNotationTable {
int nb_notations; /* number of notations stored */
int max_notations; /* maximum number of notations */
xmlNotationPtr table; /* the table of attributes */
} xmlNotationTable;
typedef xmlNotationTable *xmlNotationTablePtr;
* ALl element declarations are stored in a table
* there is one table per DTD
typedef struct xmlElementTable {
int nb_elements; /* number of elements stored */
int max_elements; /* maximum number of elements */
xmlElementPtr table; /* the table of elements */
} xmlElementTable;
typedef xmlElementTable *xmlElementTablePtr;
* ALl attribute declarations are stored in a table
* there is one table per DTD
typedef struct xmlAttributeTable {
int nb_attributes; /* number of attributes stored */
int max_attributes; /* maximum number of attributes */
xmlAttributePtr table; /* the table of attributes */
} xmlAttributeTable;
typedef xmlAttributeTable *xmlAttributeTablePtr;
/* Notation */
xmlNotationPtr xmlAddNotationDecl(xmlDtdPtr dtd, const CHAR *name,
const CHAR *PublicID, const CHAR *SystemID);
xmlNotationTablePtr xmlCopyNotationTable(xmlNotationTablePtr table);
void xmlFreeNotationTable(xmlNotationTablePtr table);
void xmlDumpNotationTable(xmlBufferPtr buf, xmlNotationTablePtr table);
/* Element Content */
xmlElementContentPtr xmlNewElementContent(CHAR *name, int type);
xmlElementContentPtr xmlCopyElementContent(xmlElementContentPtr content);
void xmlFreeElementContent(xmlElementContentPtr cur);
/* Element */
xmlElementPtr xmlAddElementDecl(xmlDtdPtr dtd, const CHAR *name, int type,
xmlElementContentPtr content);
xmlElementTablePtr xmlCopyElementTable(xmlElementTablePtr table);
void xmlFreeElementTable(xmlElementTablePtr table);
void xmlDumpElementTable(xmlBufferPtr buf, xmlElementTablePtr table);
/* Enumeration */
xmlEnumerationPtr xmlCreateEnumeration(CHAR *name);
void xmlFreeEnumeration(xmlEnumerationPtr cur);
xmlEnumerationPtr xmlCopyEnumeration(xmlEnumerationPtr cur);
/* Attribute */
xmlAttributePtr xmlAddAttributeDecl(xmlDtdPtr dtd, const CHAR *elem,
const CHAR *name, int type, int def,
const CHAR *defaultValue, xmlEnumerationPtr tree);
xmlAttributeTablePtr xmlCopyAttributeTable(xmlAttributeTablePtr table);
void xmlFreeAttributeTable(xmlAttributeTablePtr table);
void xmlDumpAttributeTable(xmlBufferPtr buf, xmlAttributeTablePtr table);
#endif /* __XML_VALID_H__ */