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Rules for commits on the gnome-xml module
If what you are patching is a non-compilation issue either at compile
time or linking time on one of the main Linux platforms, then feel free
to patch first and send mail afterward.
Otherwise, send me ( a mail and if it's a bug
issue, register it at I check both my mail and the
bug database everyday. if you don't get an answer within 3 days
(which is highly unprobable) then commit your changes. This simply
mean that I'm on holliday or on the road.
The reasons I'm asking for an ask before commit policy is that I'm
using a separate CVS base for unstable developments and if you commit
a patch I didn't get, I may loose your change by mistake (it happened
already once) and seriously complicates my job of merging both bases.
(The second base is at under the XML module).
thanks in advance for following the rule,
P.S.: Raph Levien get an exception for the send before commit rule :-)