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TODO - list of things to do for libpng:
Final bug fixes.
Better C++ wrapper/full C++ implementation?
Fix problem with C++ and EXTERN "C".
cHRM transformation.
Remove setjmp/longjmp usage in favor of returning error codes. As a start on
this, minimize the use of png_error(), replacing them with
png_warning(); return(0); or similar.
Palette creation.
Add "grayscale->palette" transformation and "palette->grayscale" detection.
Improved dithering.
Multi-lingual error and warning message support.
Complete sRGB transformation (presently it simply uses gamma=0.45455).
Man pages for function calls.
Better documentation.
Better filter selection
(counting huffman bits/precompression? filter inertia? filter costs?).
Histogram creation.
Text conversion between different code pages (Latin-1 -> Mac and DOS).
Avoid building gamma tables whenever possible.
Use greater precision when changing to linear gamma for compositing against
background and doing rgb-to-gray transformation.
Investigate pre-incremented loop counters and other loop constructions.
Add interpolated method of handling interlacing.
Extend pngvalid.c to validate more of the libpng transformations.
Refactor preprocessor conditionals to compile entire statements
Quiet compiler warnings (mostly -Wconversion warnings).