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/* zconf.h -- configuration of the zlib compression library
* Copyright (C) 1995-2010 Jean-loup Gailly.
* For conditions of distribution and use, see copyright notice in zlib.h
/* @(#) $Id$ */
#ifndef ZCONF_H
#define ZCONF_H
#include "../../src/common.h"
/* Jeez, don't complain about non-prototype
* forms, we didn't write zlib */
#if defined(_MSC_VER)
# pragma warning( disable : 4131 )
# pragma warning( disable : 4142 ) /* benign redefinition of type */
/* Maximum value for memLevel in deflateInit2 */
#define MAX_MEM_LEVEL 9
/* Maximum value for windowBits in deflateInit2 and inflateInit2.
* WARNING: reducing MAX_WBITS makes minigzip unable to extract .gz files
* created by gzip. (Files created by minigzip can still be extracted by
* gzip.)
#define MAX_WBITS 15 /* 32K LZ77 window */
#define ZEXTERN extern
#define ZEXPORT
#ifndef FAR
# define FAR
#define OF(args) args
#define Z_ARG(args) args
typedef unsigned char Byte; /* 8 bits */
typedef unsigned int uInt; /* 16 bits or more */
typedef unsigned long uLong; /* 32 bits or more */
typedef unsigned long z_crc_t;
typedef Byte FAR Bytef;
typedef char FAR charf;
typedef int FAR intf;
typedef uInt FAR uIntf;
typedef uLong FAR uLongf;
typedef void const *voidpc;
typedef void FAR *voidpf;
typedef void *voidp;
#define z_off_t git_off_t
#define z_off64_t z_off_t
#define z_const const
#endif /* ZCONF_H */