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More complete build documentation is available on the libarchive
On most Unix-like systems, you should be able to install libarchive,
bsdtar, and bsdcpio using the following common steps:
make install
If you need to customize the target directories or otherwise adjust
the build setting, use
./configure --help
to list the configure options.
If you are developing libarchive and need to update the
configure script and other build files:
/bin/sh build/
To create a distribution, please use the 'distcheck' target:
/bin/sh build/ && ./configure && make distcheck
On Unix-like and non-Unix-like systems, use the "cmake" utility (available from to generate suitable build files for your platform.
Cmake requires the name of the directory containing CmakeLists.txt and
the "generator" to use for your build environment. For example, to
build with Xcode on Mac OS, you can use the following command:
cmake -G "Xcode" ~/libarchive-download-dir/
The result will be appropriate makefiles, solution files, or project
files that can be used with the corresponding development tool.
The default on Unix-like systems is to generate Makefiles, so you
can also use cmake instead of the configure script:
cmake ~/libarchive-download-dir/
make install
See the libarchive Wiki or the cmake site for further documentation.