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== iperf 3.0.12 2016-06-08 ==
The release notes for iperf 3.0.12 describe changes, including bug
fixes and new functionality, made since iperf 3.0.11.
* Security
* Fix a buffer overflow / heap corruption issue that could occur if
a malformed JSON string was passed on the control channel. In
theory, this vulnerability could be leveraged to create a heap
exploit. This issue, present in the cJSON library, was already
fixed upstream, so was addressed in iperf3 by importing a newer
version of cJSON (plus local ESnet modifications). Discovered and
reported by Dave McDaniel, Cisco Talos. Cross-references:
TALOS-CAN-0164, ESNET-SECADV-2016-0001, CVE-2016-4303.
* User-visible changes
* Error handling has been made slightly more robust. Also, the
iperf3 server will no longer exit after five consecutive errors,
but will only exit for certain types of errors that prevent it
from participating in any tests at all.
== iperf 3.0.11 2015-01-09 ==
* User-visible changes
* Added -1 / --one-off flag, which causes the iperf3 server to
process one client connection and then exit. Intended primarily
for bwctl integration (issue #230).
* Added various minor bug fixes (issues #231, #232, #233).
* Added 30-second timeout for UDP tests if unable to establish UDP
connectivity between sender and receiver (issue #222).
== iperf 3.0.10 2014-12-16 ==
* User-visible changes
* Fixed the build on MacOS X Yosemite (issue #213).
* UDP tests now honor the -w option for setting the socket buffer
sizes (issue #219).
* Developer-visible changes
* Added an RPM spec file plus functionality to fill in the version
* Fixed potential filename collision with a system header (issue
== iperf 3.0.9 2014-10-14 ==
* User-visible changes
* Fixed a series of problems that came from attempting a UDP test
with a pathologically large block size. This put the server into
an odd state where it could not accept new client connections.
This in turn caused subsequent client connections to crash when
interrupted (issue #212).
* Developer-visible changes
* None.
== iperf 3.0.8 2014-09-30 ==
* User-visible changes
* Updated license and copyright verbage to confirm to LBNL Tech
Transfer requirements. No substantive changes; license remains
the 3-clause BSD license.
* Developer-visible changes
* None.
== iperf 3.0.7 2014-08-28 ==
* User-visible changes
* A server bug where new connections from clients could disrupt
running tests has been fixed (issue #202).
* Rates now consistently use 1000-based prefixes (K, M, G), where
sizes of objects now consistently use 1024-based prefixes (issue #173).
* UDP tests with unlimited bandwidth are now supported (issue #170).
* An interaction between the -w and -B options, which kept them from
working when used together, has been fixed (issue #193).
* Developer-visible changes
== iperf 3.0.6 2014-07-28 ==
* User-visible changes
* Several bugs that kept the -B option from working in various
circumstances have been fixed (issue #193).
* Various compatibility fixes for OpenBSD (issue #196) and
Solaris (issue #177).
* Developer-visible changes
* The {get,set}_test_bind_address API calls have been added to
expose the -B functionality to API consumers (issue #197).
== iperf 3.0.5 2014-06-16 ==
* User-visible changes
* Erroneous output when doing --json output has been fixed (this
problem was caused by an attempt to fix issue #158).
* The maximum test running time has been increased from one hour to
one day (issue #166).
* Project documentation has been moved to GitHub Pages at this URL:
* A bug that caused CPU time to be computed incorrectly on FreeBSD
has been fixed.
* A timing issue which caused measurement intervals to be wrong
with TCP tests on lossy networks has been fixed (issue #125).
* Newer versions of autoconf / automake / libtool are now used by
default (issue #161).
* JSON output now indicates whether the test was run in --reverse
mode (issue #167).
* It is now possible to get (most of) the server-side output at
the client by using the --get-server-output flag (issue #160).
* Developer-visible changes
* automake/autoconf/libtool have been updated to more recent
versions. AM_MAINTAINER_MODE is now used to avoid requiring these
tools at build-time.
== iperf 3.0.4 was not released ==
== iperf 3.0.3 2014-03-26 ==
* User-visible changes
* Due to several oversights, the source code archive for iperf 3.0.2
was distributed as an uncompressed tarball, despite having an
extension (".tar.gz") that indicated it was compressed. The
release generation procedure has been changed to avoid this
problem going forward.
* Summary structures in the JSON output are now included, even if
there is only one stream. This change makes consuming the JSON
output easier and more consistent (issue #151).
* A possible buffer overflow in iperf_error.c has been fixed (issue
* Developer-visible changes
* Example programs now build correctly, after having been broken in
the 3.0.2 release (issue #152).
== iperf 3.0.2 2014-03-10 ==
* User-visible changes
* The iperf3 project has been moved to GitHub, and various URLs in
documentation files have been changed to point there.
* iperf3 now builds on Linux systems that do not support
TCP_CONGESTION. Most notably this allows iperf3 to work on CentOS
* An abort on MacOS 10.9 has been fixed (issue #135).
* Added -I flag for the server to write a PID file, mostly useful for
daemon mode (issue #120).
* A bug that could break some TCP tests on FreeBSD has been fixed.
* TCP snd_cwnd output is now printed by default on Linux (issue #99).
* In JSON output, the --title string no longer has a colon and two
spaces appended (issue #139).
* A buffer for holding formatted numeric values is now
properly-sized so that output is not truncated (issue #142).
* Developer-visible changes
* Some memory leaks have been fixed.
* A -d flag enables debugging output.
* A .gitignore file has been added.
* libtoolize is now invoked correctly from the script.
* The test unit format can now be set from the API (issue #144).
* libiperf is now built as both shared and static libraries.
* In the JSON output, the "connection" structures are now stored as
an array in the "start" block, instead of overwriting each other.
While technically an incompatible API change, the former behavior
generated unusable JSON.
== iperf 3.0.1 2014-01-10 ==
* Added the following new flags
-D, --daemon run server as a daemon
-L, --flowlabel set IPv6 flow label (Linux only)
-C, --linux-congestion set congestion control algorithm (Linux only)
-k, --blockcount #[KMG] number of blocks (packets) to transmit
(instead of -t or -n)
* Bug fixes
== iperf 3.0-RC5 2013-11-15 ==
* Added the following new flags
-F, --file name xmit/recv the specified file
-A, --affinity n/n,m set CPU affinity (Linux only)
-J, --json output in JSON format
-Z, --zerocopy use a 'zero copy' method of sending data
-O, --omit N omit the first n seconds
-T, --title str prefix every output line with this string
* more useful information in 'verbose' mode
* Many bug fixes
== iperf 3.0b4 2010-08-02 ==
* Added support for binding to a specific interface (-B)
* Added support for IPv6 mode (-6)
* Setting TCP window size (-w) is now supported
* Updates to iperf_error
* Added new errors
* Should generate more relavent messages
* Stream list now managed by queue.h macros
* Test structures are now kept intact after a test is run (for API users)
* Improved interval timer granularity
* Support for decimal values
* Many bug fixes
== iperf 3.0b3 2010-07-23 ==
* Better error handling
* All errors now handled with iperf_error()
* All functions that can return errors return NULL or -1 on error and set i_errno appropriately
* Iperf API intruduced
* Support for adding new protocols
* Added support for callback functions
* on_connect - executes after a connection is made to the server
* on_new_stream - executes after a new stream is created
* on_test_start - executes right before the test begins
* on_test_finish - executes after the test is finished
* Added early support for verbose mode (-V)
== iperf 3.0b2 2010-07-15 ==
* UDP mode now supported
* Support for setting bandwidth (-b)
* Parallel UDP stream support
* Reverse mode UDP support
* Support for setting TCP_NODELAY (-N), disabling Nagle's Algorithm
* Support for setting TCP MSS (-M)
* Note: This feature is still in development. It is still very buggy.
== iperf 3.0b1 2010-07-08 ==
* TCP control socket now manages messages between client and server
* Dynamic server (gets test parameters from client)
* Server can now set test options dynamically without having to restart.
* Currently supported options: -l, -t, -n, -P, -R
* Future options: -u, -b, -w, -M, -N, -I, -T, -Z, -6
* Results exchange
* Client can now see server results (and vice versa)
* Reverse mode (-R)
* Server sends, client receives