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// Copyright 2020 The gVisor Authors.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
package ip
import ""
// LINT.IfChange(MultiCounterIPStats)
// MultiCounterIPStats holds IP statistics, each counter may have several
// versions.
type MultiCounterIPStats struct {
// PacketsReceived is the total number of IP packets received from the link
// layer.
PacketsReceived tcpip.MultiCounterStat
// DisabledPacketsReceived is the total number of IP packets received from the
// link layer when the IP layer is disabled.
DisabledPacketsReceived tcpip.MultiCounterStat
// InvalidDestinationAddressesReceived is the total number of IP packets
// received with an unknown or invalid destination address.
InvalidDestinationAddressesReceived tcpip.MultiCounterStat
// InvalidSourceAddressesReceived is the total number of IP packets received
// with a source address that should never have been received on the wire.
InvalidSourceAddressesReceived tcpip.MultiCounterStat
// PacketsDelivered is the total number of incoming IP packets that are
// successfully delivered to the transport layer.
PacketsDelivered tcpip.MultiCounterStat
// PacketsSent is the total number of IP packets sent via WritePacket.
PacketsSent tcpip.MultiCounterStat
// OutgoingPacketErrors is the total number of IP packets which failed to
// write to a link-layer endpoint.
OutgoingPacketErrors tcpip.MultiCounterStat
// MalformedPacketsReceived is the total number of IP Packets that were
// dropped due to the IP packet header failing validation checks.
MalformedPacketsReceived tcpip.MultiCounterStat
// MalformedFragmentsReceived is the total number of IP Fragments that were
// dropped due to the fragment failing validation checks.
MalformedFragmentsReceived tcpip.MultiCounterStat
// IPTablesPreroutingDropped is the total number of IP packets dropped in the
// Prerouting chain.
IPTablesPreroutingDropped tcpip.MultiCounterStat
// IPTablesInputDropped is the total number of IP packets dropped in the Input
// chain.
IPTablesInputDropped tcpip.MultiCounterStat
// IPTablesOutputDropped is the total number of IP packets dropped in the
// Output chain.
IPTablesOutputDropped tcpip.MultiCounterStat
// TODO( Move the IPv4-only option stats out
// of IPStats.
// OptionTimestampReceived is the number of Timestamp options seen.
OptionTimestampReceived tcpip.MultiCounterStat
// OptionRecordRouteReceived is the number of Record Route options seen.
OptionRecordRouteReceived tcpip.MultiCounterStat
// OptionRouterAlertReceived is the number of Router Alert options seen.
OptionRouterAlertReceived tcpip.MultiCounterStat
// OptionUnknownReceived is the number of unknown IP options seen.
OptionUnknownReceived tcpip.MultiCounterStat
// Init sets internal counters to track a and b counters.
func (m *MultiCounterIPStats) Init(a, b *tcpip.IPStats) {
m.PacketsReceived.Init(a.PacketsReceived, b.PacketsReceived)
m.DisabledPacketsReceived.Init(a.DisabledPacketsReceived, b.DisabledPacketsReceived)
m.InvalidDestinationAddressesReceived.Init(a.InvalidDestinationAddressesReceived, b.InvalidDestinationAddressesReceived)
m.InvalidSourceAddressesReceived.Init(a.InvalidSourceAddressesReceived, b.InvalidSourceAddressesReceived)
m.PacketsDelivered.Init(a.PacketsDelivered, b.PacketsDelivered)
m.PacketsSent.Init(a.PacketsSent, b.PacketsSent)
m.OutgoingPacketErrors.Init(a.OutgoingPacketErrors, b.OutgoingPacketErrors)
m.MalformedPacketsReceived.Init(a.MalformedPacketsReceived, b.MalformedPacketsReceived)
m.MalformedFragmentsReceived.Init(a.MalformedFragmentsReceived, b.MalformedFragmentsReceived)
m.IPTablesPreroutingDropped.Init(a.IPTablesPreroutingDropped, b.IPTablesPreroutingDropped)
m.IPTablesInputDropped.Init(a.IPTablesInputDropped, b.IPTablesInputDropped)
m.IPTablesOutputDropped.Init(a.IPTablesOutputDropped, b.IPTablesOutputDropped)
m.OptionTimestampReceived.Init(a.OptionTimestampReceived, b.OptionTimestampReceived)
m.OptionRecordRouteReceived.Init(a.OptionRecordRouteReceived, b.OptionRecordRouteReceived)
m.OptionRouterAlertReceived.Init(a.OptionRouterAlertReceived, b.OptionRouterAlertReceived)
m.OptionUnknownReceived.Init(a.OptionUnknownReceived, b.OptionUnknownReceived)
// LINT.ThenChange(:MultiCounterIPStats, ../../../tcpip.go:IPStats)