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// Copyright 2014 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package ipv4
import (
var (
ctlOpts = [ctlMax]ctlOpt{
ctlTTL: {sysIP_RECVTTL, 1, marshalTTL, parseTTL},
ctlDst: {sysIP_RECVDSTADDR, net.IPv4len, marshalDst, parseDst},
ctlInterface: {sysIP_RECVIF, syscall.SizeofSockaddrDatalink, marshalInterface, parseInterface},
sockOpts = [ssoMax]sockOpt{
ssoTOS: {sysIP_TOS, ssoTypeInt},
ssoTTL: {sysIP_TTL, ssoTypeInt},
ssoMulticastTTL: {sysIP_MULTICAST_TTL, ssoTypeByte},
ssoMulticastInterface: {sysIP_MULTICAST_IF, ssoTypeInterface},
ssoMulticastLoopback: {sysIP_MULTICAST_LOOP, ssoTypeByte},
ssoReceiveTTL: {sysIP_RECVTTL, ssoTypeInt},
ssoReceiveDst: {sysIP_RECVDSTADDR, ssoTypeInt},
ssoReceiveInterface: {sysIP_RECVIF, ssoTypeInt},
ssoHeaderPrepend: {sysIP_HDRINCL, ssoTypeInt},
ssoJoinGroup: {sysIP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP, ssoTypeIPMreq},
ssoLeaveGroup: {sysIP_DROP_MEMBERSHIP, ssoTypeIPMreq},