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Files in this directory are data for Go's API checker ("go tool api", in src/cmd/api).
Each file is a list of API features, one per line.
go1.txt (and similarly named files) are frozen once a version has been
shipped. Each file adds new lines but does not remove any.
except.txt lists features that may disappear without breaking true
fuchsia.txt lists Fuchsia specific features. This list can be regenerated with:
fx exec ${FUCHSIA_DIR}/third_party/go/regen-api
Starting with go1.19.txt, each API feature line must end in "#nnnnn"
giving the GitHub issue number of the proposal issue that accepted
the new API. This helps with our end-of-cycle audit of new APIs.
The same requirement applies to next/* (described below), which will
become a go1.XX.txt for XX >= 19.
The next/ directory contains the only files intended to be mutated.
Each file in that directory contains a list of features that may be added
to the next release of Go. The files in this directory only affect the
warning output from the go api tool. Each file should be named
nnnnn.txt, after the issue number for the accepted proposal.
(The #nnnnn suffix must also appear at the end of each line in the file;
that will be preserved when next/*.txt is concatenated into go1.XX.txt.)