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// Copyright 2018 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#include "../../../../../runtime/textflag.h"
// Instructions that were encoded with BYTE sequences.
// Included to simplify validation of CL that fixed that.
MOVQ (AX), M0 // 0f6f00
MOVQ M0, 8(SP) // 0f7f442408
MOVQ 8(SP), M0 // 0f6f442408
MOVQ M0, (AX) // 0f7f00
MOVQ M0, (BX) // 0f7f03
// On non-64bit arch, Go asm allowed uint32 offsets instead of int32.
// These tests check that property for backwards-compatibility.
MOVL 2147483648(AX), AX // 8b8000000080
MOVL -2147483648(AX), AX // 8b8000000080
ADDL 2147483648(AX), AX // 038000000080
ADDL -2147483648(AX), AX // 038000000080
// Make sure MOV CR/DR continues to work after changing its movtabs.
MOVL CR0, AX // 0f20c0
MOVL CR0, DX // 0f20c2
MOVL CR4, DI // 0f20e7
MOVL AX, CR0 // 0f22c0
MOVL DX, CR0 // 0f22c2
MOVL DI, CR4 // 0f22e7
MOVL DR0, AX // 0f21c0
MOVL DR6, DX // 0f21f2
MOVL DR7, SI // 0f21fe
// Test other movtab entries.
PUSHL SS // 16
PUSHL FS // 0fa0
POPL FS // 0fa1
POPL SS // 17
// End of tests.