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uniform Buffer <float> g_tTexbfs_test : register(t0);
Buffer <float> g_tTexbfs;
Buffer <int> g_tTexbis;
Buffer <uint> g_tTexbus;
struct PS_OUTPUT
float4 Color : SV_Target0;
float Depth : SV_Depth;
uniform int c1;
uniform int2 c2;
uniform int3 c3;
uniform int4 c4;
uniform int o1;
uniform int2 o2;
uniform int3 o3;
uniform int4 o4;
PS_OUTPUT main()
PS_OUTPUT psout;
// Buffer
float r00 = g_tTexbfs.Load(c1);
int r01 = g_tTexbis.Load(c1);
uint r02 = g_tTexbus.Load(c1);
// TODO: other types that can be put in sampler buffers, like float2x2, and float3.
psout.Color = 1.0;
psout.Depth = 1.0;
return psout;