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#version 320 es
out outbname { int a; } outbinst; // ERROR, not out block in fragment shader
in inbname {
int a;
vec4 v;
struct { int b; } s; // ERROR, nested struct definition
} inbinst;
in inbname2 {
layout(location = 12) int aAnon;
layout(location = 13) centroid in vec4 vAnon;
in layout(location = 13) vec4 aliased; // ERROR, aliased
in inbname2 { // ERROR, reuse of block name
int aAnon;
centroid in vec4 vAnon;
in badmember { // ERROR, aAnon already in global scope
int aAnon;
int inbname; // ERROR, redefinition of block name
vec4 vAnon; // ERROR, anon in global scope; redefinition
in arrayed {
float f;
} arrayedInst[4];
uniform int i;
void fooIO()
vec4 v = inbinst.v + vAnon;
v *= arrayedInst[2].f;
v *= arrayedInst[i].f;
in vec4 gl_FragCoord;
layout(origin_upper_left, pixel_center_integer) in vec4 gl_FragCoord; // ERROR, non-ES
layout(early_fragment_tests) in;
out float gl_FragDepth;
layout(depth_any) out float gl_FragDepth; // ERROR, non-ES
void main()
gl_FragDepth = 0.2; // ERROR, early_fragment_tests declared
bool f = gl_FrontFacing;
out float gl_FragDepth;
void foo_GS()
highp int l = gl_Layer;
highp int p = gl_PrimitiveID;
in vec2 inf, ing;
uniform ivec2 offsets[4];
uniform sampler2D sArray[4];
uniform int sIndex;
layout(binding = 0) uniform atomic_uint auArray[2];
uniform ubName { int i; } ubInst[4];
buffer bbName { int i; } bbInst[4];
highp uniform writeonly image2D iArray[5];
const ivec2 constOffsets[4] = ivec2[4](ivec2(0.1), ivec2(0.2), ivec2(0.3), ivec2(0.4));
void pfoo()
precise vec2 h;
h = fma(inf, ing, h);
textureGatherOffset(sArray[0], vec2(0.1), ivec2(inf));
textureGatherOffsets(sArray[0], vec2(0.1), constOffsets);
textureGatherOffsets(sArray[0], vec2(0.1), offsets); // ERROR, offset not constant
precision highp imageCubeArray ;
precision highp iimageCubeArray ;
precision highp uimageCubeArray ;
precision highp samplerCubeArray ;
precision highp samplerCubeArrayShadow;
precision highp isamplerCubeArray ;
precision highp usamplerCubeArray ;
uniform writeonly imageCubeArray CA1;
uniform writeonly iimageCubeArray CA2;
uniform writeonly uimageCubeArray CA3;
#ifdef GL_EXT_texture_cube_map_array
uniform samplerCubeArray CA4;
uniform samplerCubeArrayShadow CA5;
uniform isamplerCubeArray CA6;
uniform usamplerCubeArray CA7;
void CAT()
highp vec4 b4 = texture(CA4, vec4(0.5), 0.24);
highp ivec4 b6 = texture(CA6, vec4(0.5), 0.26);
highp uvec4 b7 = texture(CA7, vec4(0.5), 0.27);
void goodSample()
lowp int a1 = gl_SampleID;
mediump vec2 a2 = gl_SamplePosition;
highp int a3 = gl_SampleMaskIn[0];
gl_SampleMask[0] = a3;
mediump int n1 = gl_MaxSamples;
mediump int n2 = gl_NumSamples;
uniform layout(r32f) highp image2D im2Df;
uniform layout(r32ui) highp uimage2D im2Du;
uniform layout(r32i) highp iimage2D im2Di;
uniform ivec2 P;
uniform layout(rgba32f) highp image2D badIm2Df; // ERROR, needs readonly or writeonly
uniform layout(rgba8ui) highp uimage2D badIm2Du; // ERROR, needs readonly or writeonly
uniform layout(rgba16i) highp iimage2D badIm2Di; // ERROR, needs readonly or writeonly
void goodImageAtom()
float datf;
int dati;
uint datu;
imageAtomicAdd( im2Di, P, dati);
imageAtomicAdd( im2Du, P, datu);
imageAtomicMin( im2Di, P, dati);
imageAtomicMin( im2Du, P, datu);
imageAtomicMax( im2Di, P, dati);
imageAtomicMax( im2Du, P, datu);
imageAtomicAnd( im2Di, P, dati);
imageAtomicAnd( im2Du, P, datu);
imageAtomicOr( im2Di, P, dati);
imageAtomicOr( im2Du, P, datu);
imageAtomicXor( im2Di, P, dati);
imageAtomicXor( im2Du, P, datu);
imageAtomicExchange(im2Di, P, dati);
imageAtomicExchange(im2Du, P, datu);
imageAtomicExchange(im2Df, P, datf);
imageAtomicCompSwap(im2Di, P, 3, dati);
imageAtomicCompSwap(im2Du, P, 5u, datu);
imageAtomicMax(badIm2Di, P, dati); // ERROR, not an allowed layout() on the image
imageAtomicMax(badIm2Du, P, datu); // ERROR, not an allowed layout() on the image
imageAtomicExchange(badIm2Df, P, datf); // ERROR, not an allowed layout() on the image
centroid out vec4 colorCentroidBad; // ERROR
flat out vec4 colorBadFlat; // ERROR
smooth out vec4 colorBadSmooth; // ERROR
noperspective out vec4 colorBadNo; // ERROR
flat centroid in vec2 colorfc;
in float scalarIn;
sample in vec4 colorSampIn;
sample out vec4 colorSampleBad; // ERROR
flat sample in vec4 colorfsi;
sample in vec3 sampInArray[4];
void interp()
float res;
vec2 res2;
vec3 res3;
vec4 res4;
res2 = interpolateAtCentroid(colorfc);
res4 = interpolateAtCentroid(colorSampIn);
res4 = interpolateAtCentroid(colorfsi);
res = interpolateAtCentroid(scalarIn);
res3 = interpolateAtCentroid(sampInArray); // ERROR
res3 = interpolateAtCentroid(sampInArray[2]);
res2 = interpolateAtCentroid(sampInArray[2].xy); // ERROR
res3 = interpolateAtSample(sampInArray, 1); // ERROR
res3 = interpolateAtSample(sampInArray[i], 0);
res2 = interpolateAtSample(sampInArray[2].xy, 2); // ERROR
res = interpolateAtSample(scalarIn, 1);
res3 = interpolateAtOffset(sampInArray, vec2(0.2)); // ERROR
res3 = interpolateAtOffset(sampInArray[2], vec2(0.2));
res2 = interpolateAtOffset(sampInArray[2].xy, vec2(0.2)); // ERROR, no swizzle
res = interpolateAtOffset(scalarIn + scalarIn, vec2(0.2)); // ERROR, no binary ops other than dereference
res = interpolateAtOffset(scalarIn, vec2(0.2));
float f;
res = interpolateAtCentroid(f); // ERROR, not interpolant
res4 = interpolateAtSample(outp, 0); // ERROR, not interpolant
layout(blend_support_multiply) out;
layout(blend_support_screen) out;
layout(blend_support_overlay) out;
layout(blend_support_darken, blend_support_lighten) out;
layout(blend_support_colordodge) layout(blend_support_colorburn) out;
layout(blend_support_hardlight) out;
layout(blend_support_softlight) out;
layout(blend_support_difference) out;
layout(blend_support_exclusion) out;
layout(blend_support_hsl_hue) out;
layout(blend_support_hsl_saturation) out;
layout(blend_support_hsl_color) out;
layout(blend_support_hsl_luminosity) out;
layout(blend_support_all_equations) out;
layout(blend_support_hsl_luminosity) out; // okay to repeat
layout(blend_support_hsl_luminosity) in; // ERROR, only on "out"
layout(blend_support_hsl_luminosity) out vec4; // ERROR, only on standalone
layout(blend_support_hsl_luminosity) out vec4 badout; // ERROR, only on standalone
layout(blend_support_hsl_luminosity) struct badS {int i;}; // ERROR, only on standalone
layout(blend_support_hsl_luminosity) void blendFoo() { } // ERROR, only on standalone
void blendFoo(layout(blend_support_hsl_luminosity) vec3 v) { } // ERROR, only on standalone
layout(blend_support_flizbit) out; // ERROR, no flizbit
out vec4 outAA[2][2]; // ERROR