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// Copyright 2015 xeipuuv ( )
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
// author xeipuuv
// author-github
// author-mail
// repository-name gojsonschema
// repository-desc An implementation of JSON Schema, based on IETF's draft v4 - Go language.
// description Contains const string and messages.
// created 01-01-2015
package gojsonschema
type (
// locale is an interface for defining custom error strings
locale interface {
Required() string
InvalidType() string
NumberAnyOf() string
NumberOneOf() string
NumberAllOf() string
NumberNot() string
MissingDependency() string
Internal() string
Enum() string
ArrayNotEnoughItems() string
ArrayNoAdditionalItems() string
ArrayMinItems() string
ArrayMaxItems() string
Unique() string
ArrayMinProperties() string
ArrayMaxProperties() string
AdditionalPropertyNotAllowed() string
InvalidPropertyPattern() string
StringGTE() string
StringLTE() string
DoesNotMatchPattern() string
DoesNotMatchFormat() string
MultipleOf() string
NumberGTE() string
NumberGT() string
NumberLTE() string
NumberLT() string
// Schema validations
RegexPattern() string
GreaterThanZero() string
MustBeOfA() string
MustBeOfAn() string
CannotBeUsedWithout() string
CannotBeGT() string
MustBeOfType() string
MustBeValidRegex() string
MustBeValidFormat() string
MustBeGTEZero() string
KeyCannotBeGreaterThan() string
KeyItemsMustBeOfType() string
KeyItemsMustBeUnique() string
ReferenceMustBeCanonical() string
NotAValidType() string
Duplicated() string
HttpBadStatus() string
ParseError() string
ConditionThen() string
ConditionElse() string
// ErrorFormat
ErrorFormat() string
// DefaultLocale is the default locale for this package
DefaultLocale struct{}
func (l DefaultLocale) Required() string {
return `{{.property}} is required`
func (l DefaultLocale) InvalidType() string {
return `Invalid type. Expected: {{.expected}}, given: {{.given}}`
func (l DefaultLocale) NumberAnyOf() string {
return `Must validate at least one schema (anyOf)`
func (l DefaultLocale) NumberOneOf() string {
return `Must validate one and only one schema (oneOf)`
func (l DefaultLocale) NumberAllOf() string {
return `Must validate all the schemas (allOf)`
func (l DefaultLocale) NumberNot() string {
return `Must not validate the schema (not)`
func (l DefaultLocale) MissingDependency() string {
return `Has a dependency on {{.dependency}}`
func (l DefaultLocale) Internal() string {
return `Internal Error {{.error}}`
func (l DefaultLocale) Enum() string {
return `{{.field}} must be one of the following: {{.allowed}}`
func (l DefaultLocale) ArrayNoAdditionalItems() string {
return `No additional items allowed on array`
func (l DefaultLocale) ArrayNotEnoughItems() string {
return `Not enough items on array to match positional list of schema`
func (l DefaultLocale) ArrayMinItems() string {
return `Array must have at least {{.min}} items`
func (l DefaultLocale) ArrayMaxItems() string {
return `Array must have at most {{.max}} items`
func (l DefaultLocale) Unique() string {
return `{{.type}} items must be unique`
func (l DefaultLocale) ArrayMinProperties() string {
return `Must have at least {{.min}} properties`
func (l DefaultLocale) ArrayMaxProperties() string {
return `Must have at most {{.max}} properties`
func (l DefaultLocale) AdditionalPropertyNotAllowed() string {
return `Additional property {{.property}} is not allowed`
func (l DefaultLocale) InvalidPropertyPattern() string {
return `Property "{{.property}}" does not match pattern {{.pattern}}`
func (l DefaultLocale) StringGTE() string {
return `String length must be greater than or equal to {{.min}}`
func (l DefaultLocale) StringLTE() string {
return `String length must be less than or equal to {{.max}}`
func (l DefaultLocale) DoesNotMatchPattern() string {
return `Does not match pattern '{{.pattern}}'`
func (l DefaultLocale) DoesNotMatchFormat() string {
return `Does not match format '{{.format}}'`
func (l DefaultLocale) MultipleOf() string {
return `Must be a multiple of {{.multiple}}`
func (l DefaultLocale) NumberGTE() string {
return `Must be greater than or equal to {{.min}}`
func (l DefaultLocale) NumberGT() string {
return `Must be greater than {{.min}}`
func (l DefaultLocale) NumberLTE() string {
return `Must be less than or equal to {{.max}}`
func (l DefaultLocale) NumberLT() string {
return `Must be less than {{.max}}`
// Schema validators
func (l DefaultLocale) RegexPattern() string {
return `Invalid regex pattern '{{.pattern}}'`
func (l DefaultLocale) GreaterThanZero() string {
return `{{.number}} must be strictly greater than 0`
func (l DefaultLocale) MustBeOfA() string {
return `{{.x}} must be of a {{.y}}`
func (l DefaultLocale) MustBeOfAn() string {
return `{{.x}} must be of an {{.y}}`
func (l DefaultLocale) CannotBeUsedWithout() string {
return `{{.x}} cannot be used without {{.y}}`
func (l DefaultLocale) CannotBeGT() string {
return `{{.x}} cannot be greater than {{.y}}`
func (l DefaultLocale) MustBeOfType() string {
return `{{.key}} must be of type {{.type}}`
func (l DefaultLocale) MustBeValidRegex() string {
return `{{.key}} must be a valid regex`
func (l DefaultLocale) MustBeValidFormat() string {
return `{{.key}} must be a valid format {{.given}}`
func (l DefaultLocale) MustBeGTEZero() string {
return `{{.key}} must be greater than or equal to 0`
func (l DefaultLocale) KeyCannotBeGreaterThan() string {
return `{{.key}} cannot be greater than {{.y}}`
func (l DefaultLocale) KeyItemsMustBeOfType() string {
return `{{.key}} items must be {{.type}}`
func (l DefaultLocale) KeyItemsMustBeUnique() string {
return `{{.key}} items must be unique`
func (l DefaultLocale) ReferenceMustBeCanonical() string {
return `Reference {{.reference}} must be canonical`
func (l DefaultLocale) NotAValidType() string {
return `has a primitive type that is NOT VALID -- given: {{.given}} Expected valid values are:{{.expected}}`
func (l DefaultLocale) Duplicated() string {
return `{{.type}} type is duplicated`
func (l DefaultLocale) HttpBadStatus() string {
return `Could not read schema from HTTP, response status is {{.status}}`
// Replacement options: field, description, context, value
func (l DefaultLocale) ErrorFormat() string {
return `{{.field}}: {{.description}}`
//Parse error
func (l DefaultLocale) ParseError() string {
return `Expected: {{.expected}}, given: Invalid JSON`
func (l DefaultLocale) ConditionThen() string {
return `Must validate "then" as "if" was valid`
func (l DefaultLocale) ConditionElse() string {
return `Must validate "else" as "if" was not valid`
const (
STRING_NUMBER = "number"
STRING_ARRAY_OF_STRINGS = "array of strings"
STRING_ARRAY_OF_SCHEMAS = "array of schemas"
STRING_SCHEMA = "valid schema"
STRING_SCHEMA_OR_ARRAY_OF_STRINGS = "schema or array of strings"
STRING_PROPERTIES = "properties"
STRING_DEPENDENCY = "dependency"
STRING_PROPERTY = "property"
STRING_UNDEFINED = "undefined"