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package plumbing
import (
// MemoryObject on memory Object implementation
type MemoryObject struct {
t ObjectType
h Hash
cont []byte
sz int64
// Hash returns the object Hash, the hash is calculated on-the-fly the first
// time it's called, in all subsequent calls the same Hash is returned even
// if the type or the content have changed. The Hash is only generated if the
// size of the content is exactly the object size.
func (o *MemoryObject) Hash() Hash {
if o.h == ZeroHash && int64(len(o.cont)) == {
o.h = ComputeHash(o.t, o.cont)
return o.h
// Type return the ObjectType
func (o *MemoryObject) Type() ObjectType { return o.t }
// SetType sets the ObjectType
func (o *MemoryObject) SetType(t ObjectType) { o.t = t }
// Size return the size of the object
func (o *MemoryObject) Size() int64 { return }
// SetSize set the object size, a content of the given size should be written
// afterwards
func (o *MemoryObject) SetSize(s int64) { = s }
// Reader returns a ObjectReader used to read the object's content.
func (o *MemoryObject) Reader() (io.ReadCloser, error) {
return ioutil.NopCloser(bytes.NewBuffer(o.cont)), nil
// Writer returns a ObjectWriter used to write the object's content.
func (o *MemoryObject) Writer() (io.WriteCloser, error) {
return o, nil
func (o *MemoryObject) Write(p []byte) (n int, err error) {
o.cont = append(o.cont, p...) = int64(len(o.cont))
return len(p), nil
// Close releases any resources consumed by the object when it is acting as a
// ObjectWriter.
func (o *MemoryObject) Close() error { return nil }