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package main
import (
. ""
// Example of an specific use case:
// - Clone a repository in a specific path
// - Get the HEAD reference
// - Using the HEAD reference, obtain the commit this reference is pointing to
// - Print the commit content
// - Using the commit, iterate all its files and print them
// - Print all the commit history with commit messages, short hash and the
// first line of the commit message
func main() {
CheckArgs("<url> <path>")
url := os.Args[1]
path := os.Args[2]
// Clone the given repository, creating the remote, the local branches
// and fetching the objects, exactly as:
Info("git clone %s %s", url, path)
r, err := git.PlainClone(path, false, &git.CloneOptions{URL: url})
// Getting the latest commit on the current branch
Info("git log -1")
// ... retrieving the branch being pointed by HEAD
ref, err := r.Head()
// ... retrieving the commit object
commit, err := r.CommitObject(ref.Hash())
// List the tree from HEAD
Info("git ls-tree -r HEAD")
// ... retrieve the tree from the commit
tree, err := commit.Tree()
// ... get the files iterator and print the file
tree.Files().ForEach(func(f *object.File) error {
fmt.Printf("100644 blob %s %s\n", f.Hash, f.Name)
return nil
// List the history of the repository
Info("git log --oneline")
commitIter, err := r.Log(&git.LogOptions{From: commit.Hash})
err = commitIter.ForEach(func(c *object.Commit) error {
hash := c.Hash.String()
line := strings.Split(c.Message, "\n")
fmt.Println(hash[:7], line[0])
return nil