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package disruptor
type Sequencer struct {
cursor Sequence
func (this Sequencer) Next() uint64 {
return 0
func (this Sequencer) Publish(sequence uint64) {
func NewSequencer() Sequencer {
return Sequencer{}
// consumers are their own thing, but they share the sequence with the sequencer...
// which facilitates the gating
// to signal a shutdown to a consumer, simply give a uint64.MaxValue to the consumer???
// or perhaps we do create some kind of payload which we reuse, e.g. some kind of "delivery"
// concept handed off to the consumer, e.g.
// type Delivery struct {
// Sequence uint64
// Remaining uint32
// RingIndex uint32
// Shutdown bool
// }
// or perhaps there's another method on the consumer called Shutdown()?
// Consumer vs Handler