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// bindgen-unstable
// This was originally a test case generated by creducing errors in SpiderMonkey
// bindings generation. I've tried to make it understandable by giving more
// meaningful names to everything, and a couple comments.
// We don't support partial template specialization, but we *should*
// successfully parse this header, and generate bindings for it, but the usage
// of the partial template specialization should result in opaque blobs.
// A base class providing a method.
template <typename T>
class Base {
void some_method(T, T);
// A template with a default representation.
template <typename U>
class Derived {
bool b;
// A partial specialization for pointers. Note that this should have a different
// and larger layout than the template it is specializing.
template <typename U>
class Derived<U*> : public Base<U*> {
int x;
int y;
// A struct that uses the partial specialization and method from the partial
// specialization's base class.
struct Usage {
Usage() {
static_member.some_method(this, this);
static Derived<Usage*> static_member;