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// bindgen-flags: --enable-cxx-namespaces --module-raw-line root::whatever 'pub type whatever_other_thing_t = whatever_int_t;'
void top_level();
namespace whatever {
typedef int whatever_int_t;
void in_whatever();
namespace {
namespace empty {}
struct A {
whatever::whatever_int_t b;
template<typename T>
class C: public A {
T m_c;
T* m_c_ptr;
T m_c_arr[10];
class C<int>;
namespace w {
typedef unsigned int whatever_int_t;
template<typename T>
class D {
C<T> m_c;
whatever_int_t heh(); // this should return w::whatever_int_t, and not whatever::whatever_int_t
C<int> foo();
C<float> barr(); // <- This is the problematic one
#define NAMESPACE foobar
namespace NAMESPACE {
void foo();
#include "namespace/nsbegin.h"
void bar();
#include "namespace/nsend.h"