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// bindgen-flags: --allowlist-type Allowlisted --opaque-type Opaque --with-derive-hash --with-derive-partialeq --with-derive-eq -- -std=c++11
// These types are not explicitly allowlisted, but are reachable through the
// opaque type.
class Pupper {};
class Doggo {};
class SuchWow {};
// These types are not allowlisted, and would be reachable through `Opaque` if
// it were not marked opaque, but since it is, there should be no bindings
// generated for them.
class NoBindingsShouldBeGeneratedForMe1 {};
class NoBindingsShouldBeGeneratedForMe2 {};
// Exercise the different kinds of outgoing edges from an opaque type.
class Opaque
// Base member edge.
: public NoBindingsShouldBeGeneratedForMe1 {
// Field edge.
NoBindingsShouldBeGeneratedForMe2 field;
// Constructor edge.
Opaque(Pupper pup);
// Inner static variable edge.
static Doggo MAJESTIC_AF;
// Method edge.
SuchWow eleven_out_of_ten();
class Allowlisted {
Opaque some_member;