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// bindgen-flags: --with-derive-hash --with-derive-partialeq --with-derive-eq --impl-partialeq
* We emit a `[u8; 63usize]` padding field for this struct, which cannot derive
* Debug/Hash because 63 is over the hard coded limit. (Yes, this struct doesn't end
* up with the reight alignment, we're waiting on `#[repr(align="N")]` to land
* in rustc).
struct NoDebug {
char c;
// padding of 63 bytes
} __attribute__((__aligned__(64)));
* This should derive Debug/Hash/PartialEq/Eq because the padding size is less than the max derive
* Debug/Hash/PartialEq/Eq impl for arrays. However, we conservatively don't derive Debug/Hash because
* we determine Debug derive-ability before we compute padding, which happens at
* codegen. (Again, we expect to get the alignment wrong for similar reasons.)
struct ShouldDeriveDebugButDoesNot {
char c[32];
char d;
// padding of 31 bytes
} __attribute__((__aligned__(64)));