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package main
import (
// TODO: Move this test to docker/cli, as it is essentially the same test
// as TestExportContainerAndImportImage except output to a file.
// Used to test output flag in the export command
func (s *DockerSuite) TestExportContainerWithOutputAndImportImage(c *check.C) {
testRequires(c, DaemonIsLinux)
containerID := "testexportcontainerwithoutputandimportimage"
dockerCmd(c, "run", "--name", containerID, "busybox", "true")
dockerCmd(c, "export", "--output=testexp.tar", containerID)
defer os.Remove("testexp.tar")
resultCat := icmd.RunCommand("cat", "testexp.tar")
resultCat.Assert(c, icmd.Success)
result := icmd.RunCmd(icmd.Cmd{
Command: []string{dockerBinary, "import", "-", "repo/testexp:v1"},
Stdin: strings.NewReader(resultCat.Combined()),
result.Assert(c, icmd.Success)
cleanedImageID := strings.TrimSpace(result.Combined())
c.Assert(cleanedImageID, checker.Not(checker.Equals), "", check.Commentf("output should have been an image id"))