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package toml
// tomlType represents any Go type that corresponds to a TOML type.
// While the first draft of the TOML spec has a simplistic type system that
// probably doesn't need this level of sophistication, we seem to be militating
// toward adding real composite types.
type tomlType interface {
typeString() string
// typeEqual accepts any two types and returns true if they are equal.
func typeEqual(t1, t2 tomlType) bool {
if t1 == nil || t2 == nil {
return false
return t1.typeString() == t2.typeString()
func typeIsHash(t tomlType) bool {
return typeEqual(t, tomlHash) || typeEqual(t, tomlArrayHash)
type tomlBaseType string
func (btype tomlBaseType) typeString() string {
return string(btype)
func (btype tomlBaseType) String() string {
return btype.typeString()
var (
tomlInteger tomlBaseType = "Integer"
tomlFloat tomlBaseType = "Float"
tomlDatetime tomlBaseType = "Datetime"
tomlString tomlBaseType = "String"
tomlBool tomlBaseType = "Bool"
tomlArray tomlBaseType = "Array"
tomlHash tomlBaseType = "Hash"
tomlArrayHash tomlBaseType = "ArrayHash"
// typeOfPrimitive returns a tomlType of any primitive value in TOML.
// Primitive values are: Integer, Float, Datetime, String and Bool.
// Passing a lexer item other than the following will cause a BUG message
// to occur: itemString, itemBool, itemInteger, itemFloat, itemDatetime.
func (p *parser) typeOfPrimitive(lexItem item) tomlType {
switch lexItem.typ {
case itemInteger:
return tomlInteger
case itemFloat:
return tomlFloat
case itemDatetime:
return tomlDatetime
case itemString:
return tomlString
case itemMultilineString:
return tomlString
case itemRawString:
return tomlString
case itemRawMultilineString:
return tomlString
case itemBool:
return tomlBool
p.bug("Cannot infer primitive type of lex item '%s'.", lexItem)
// typeOfArray returns a tomlType for an array given a list of types of its
// values.
// In the current spec, if an array is homogeneous, then its type is always
// "Array". If the array is not homogeneous, an error is generated.
func (p *parser) typeOfArray(types []tomlType) tomlType {
// Empty arrays are cool.
if len(types) == 0 {
return tomlArray
theType := types[0]
for _, t := range types[1:] {
if !typeEqual(theType, t) {
p.panicf("Array contains values of type '%s' and '%s', but "+
"arrays must be homogeneous.", theType, t)
return tomlArray