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package plugin // import ""
import (
specs ""
// Store manages the plugin inventory in memory and on-disk
type Store struct {
plugins map[string]*v2.Plugin
specOpts map[string][]SpecOpt
/* handlers are necessary for transition path of legacy plugins
* to the new model. Legacy plugins use Handle() for registering an
* activation callback.*/
handlers map[string][]func(string, *plugins.Client)
// NewStore creates a Store.
func NewStore() *Store {
return &Store{
plugins: make(map[string]*v2.Plugin),
specOpts: make(map[string][]SpecOpt),
handlers: make(map[string][]func(string, *plugins.Client)),
// SpecOpt is used for subsystems that need to modify the runtime spec of a plugin
type SpecOpt func(*specs.Spec)
// CreateOpt is used to configure specific plugin details when created
type CreateOpt func(p *v2.Plugin)
// WithSwarmService is a CreateOpt that flags the passed in a plugin as a plugin
// managed by swarm
func WithSwarmService(id string) CreateOpt {
return func(p *v2.Plugin) {
p.SwarmServiceID = id
// WithSpecMounts is a SpecOpt which appends the provided mounts to the runtime spec
func WithSpecMounts(mounts []specs.Mount) SpecOpt {
return func(s *specs.Spec) {
s.Mounts = append(s.Mounts, mounts...)