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package main
import (
func init() {
// FIXME. Temporarily turning this off for Windows as GH16039 was breaking
// Windows to Linux CI @icecrime
if runtime.GOOS != "windows" {
// DockerHubPullSuite provides an isolated daemon that doesn't have all the
// images that are baked into our 'global' test environment daemon (e.g.,
// busybox, httpserver, ...).
// We use it for push/pull tests where we want to start fresh, and measure the
// relative impact of each individual operation. As part of this suite, all
// images are removed after each test.
type DockerHubPullSuite struct {
d *daemon.Daemon
ds *DockerSuite
// newDockerHubPullSuite returns a new instance of a DockerHubPullSuite.
func newDockerHubPullSuite() *DockerHubPullSuite {
return &DockerHubPullSuite{
ds: &DockerSuite{},
// SetUpSuite starts the suite daemon.
func (s *DockerHubPullSuite) SetUpSuite(c *check.C) {
testRequires(c, DaemonIsLinux, SameHostDaemon)
s.d = daemon.New(c, dockerBinary, dockerdBinary, daemon.Config{
Experimental: testEnv.DaemonInfo.ExperimentalBuild,
// TearDownSuite stops the suite daemon.
func (s *DockerHubPullSuite) TearDownSuite(c *check.C) {
if s.d != nil {
// SetUpTest declares that all tests of this suite require network.
func (s *DockerHubPullSuite) SetUpTest(c *check.C) {
testRequires(c, Network)
// TearDownTest removes all images from the suite daemon.
func (s *DockerHubPullSuite) TearDownTest(c *check.C) {
out := s.Cmd(c, "images", "-aq")
images := strings.Split(out, "\n")
images = append([]string{"rmi", "-f"}, images...)
// Cmd executes a command against the suite daemon and returns the combined
// output. The function fails the test when the command returns an error.
func (s *DockerHubPullSuite) Cmd(c *check.C, name string, arg ...string) string {
out, err := s.CmdWithError(name, arg...)
c.Assert(err, checker.IsNil, check.Commentf("%q failed with errors: %s, %v", strings.Join(arg, " "), out, err))
return out
// CmdWithError executes a command against the suite daemon and returns the
// combined output as well as any error.
func (s *DockerHubPullSuite) CmdWithError(name string, arg ...string) (string, error) {
c := s.MakeCmd(name, arg...)
b, err := c.CombinedOutput()
return string(b), err
// MakeCmd returns an exec.Cmd command to run against the suite daemon.
func (s *DockerHubPullSuite) MakeCmd(name string, arg ...string) *exec.Cmd {
args := []string{"--host", s.d.Sock(), name}
args = append(args, arg...)
return exec.Command(dockerBinary, args...)