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package main
import (
func (s *DockerSuite) TestLoginWithoutTTY(c *check.C) {
cmd := exec.Command(dockerBinary, "login")
// Send to stdin so the process does not get the TTY
cmd.Stdin = bytes.NewBufferString("buffer test string \n")
// run the command and block until it's done
err := cmd.Run()
c.Assert(err, checker.NotNil) //"Expected non nil err when logging in & TTY not available"
func (s *DockerRegistryAuthHtpasswdSuite) TestLoginToPrivateRegistry(c *check.C) {
// wrong credentials
out, _, err := dockerCmdWithError("login", "-u", s.reg.Username(), "-p", "WRONGPASSWORD", privateRegistryURL)
c.Assert(err, checker.NotNil, check.Commentf(out))
c.Assert(out, checker.Contains, "401 Unauthorized")
// now it's fine
dockerCmd(c, "login", "-u", s.reg.Username(), "-p", s.reg.Password(), privateRegistryURL)