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package daemon // import ""
import (
containertypes ""
// checkIfPathIsInAVolume checks if the path is in a volume. If it is, it
// cannot be in a read-only volume. If it is not in a volume, the container
// cannot be configured with a read-only rootfs.
// This is a no-op on Windows which does not support read-only volumes, or
// extracting to a mount point inside a volume. TODO Windows: FIXME Post-TP5
func checkIfPathIsInAVolume(container *container.Container, absPath string) (bool, error) {
return false, nil
// isOnlineFSOperationPermitted returns an error if an online filesystem operation
// is not permitted (such as stat or for copying). Running Hyper-V containers
// cannot have their file-system interrogated from the host as the filter is
// loaded inside the utility VM, not the host.
// IMPORTANT: The container lock must NOT be held when calling this function.
func (daemon *Daemon) isOnlineFSOperationPermitted(container *container.Container) error {
if !container.IsRunning() {
return nil
// Determine isolation. If not specified in the hostconfig, use daemon default.
actualIsolation := container.HostConfig.Isolation
if containertypes.Isolation.IsDefault(containertypes.Isolation(actualIsolation)) {
actualIsolation = daemon.defaultIsolation
if containertypes.Isolation.IsHyperV(actualIsolation) {
return errors.New("filesystem operations against a running Hyper-V container are not supported")
return nil