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package dockerfile // import ""
import (
const sessionConnectTimeout = 5 * time.Second
// ClientSessionTransport is a transport for copying files from docker client
// to the daemon.
type ClientSessionTransport struct{}
// NewClientSessionTransport returns new ClientSessionTransport instance
func NewClientSessionTransport() *ClientSessionTransport {
return &ClientSessionTransport{}
// Copy data from a remote to a destination directory.
func (cst *ClientSessionTransport) Copy(ctx context.Context, id fscache.RemoteIdentifier, dest string, cu filesync.CacheUpdater) error {
csi, ok := id.(*ClientSessionSourceIdentifier)
if !ok {
return errors.New("invalid identifier for client session")
return filesync.FSSync(ctx, csi.caller, filesync.FSSendRequestOpt{
IncludePatterns: csi.includePatterns,
DestDir: dest,
CacheUpdater: cu,
// ClientSessionSourceIdentifier is an identifier that can be used for requesting
// files from remote client
type ClientSessionSourceIdentifier struct {
includePatterns []string
caller session.Caller
uuid string
// NewClientSessionSourceIdentifier returns new ClientSessionSourceIdentifier instance
func NewClientSessionSourceIdentifier(ctx context.Context, sg SessionGetter, uuid string) (*ClientSessionSourceIdentifier, error) {
csi := &ClientSessionSourceIdentifier{
uuid: uuid,
caller, err := sg.Get(ctx, uuid)
if err != nil {
return nil, errors.Wrapf(err, "failed to get session for %s", uuid)
csi.caller = caller
return csi, nil
// Transport returns transport identifier for remote identifier
func (csi *ClientSessionSourceIdentifier) Transport() string {
return remotecontext.ClientSessionRemote
// SharedKey returns shared key for remote identifier. Shared key is used
// for finding the base for a repeated transfer.
func (csi *ClientSessionSourceIdentifier) SharedKey() string {
return csi.caller.SharedKey()
// Key returns unique key for remote identifier. Requests with same key return
// same data.
func (csi *ClientSessionSourceIdentifier) Key() string {
return csi.uuid