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package volume
import (
const (
// OSLinux is the same as runtime.GOOS on linux
OSLinux = "linux"
// OSWindows is the same as runtime.GOOS on windows
OSWindows = "windows"
// Parser represents a platform specific parser for mount expressions
type Parser interface {
ParseMountRaw(raw, volumeDriver string) (*MountPoint, error)
ParseMountSpec(cfg mount.Mount) (*MountPoint, error)
ParseVolumesFrom(spec string) (string, string, error)
DefaultPropagationMode() mount.Propagation
ConvertTmpfsOptions(opt *mount.TmpfsOptions, readOnly bool) (string, error)
DefaultCopyMode() bool
ValidateVolumeName(name string) error
ReadWrite(mode string) bool
IsBackwardCompatible(m *MountPoint) bool
HasResource(m *MountPoint, absPath string) bool
ValidateTmpfsMountDestination(dest string) error
ValidateMountConfig(mt *mount.Mount) error
// NewParser creates a parser for a given container OS, depending on the current host OS (linux on a windows host will resolve to an lcowParser)
func NewParser(containerOS string) Parser {
switch containerOS {
case OSWindows:
return &windowsParser{}
if runtime.GOOS == OSWindows {
return &lcowParser{}
return &linuxParser{}