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package tarexport
import (
refstore ""
const (
manifestFileName = "manifest.json"
legacyLayerFileName = "layer.tar"
legacyConfigFileName = "json"
legacyVersionFileName = "VERSION"
legacyRepositoriesFileName = "repositories"
type manifestItem struct {
Config string
RepoTags []string
Layers []string
Parent image.ID `json:",omitempty"`
LayerSources map[layer.DiffID]distribution.Descriptor `json:",omitempty"`
type tarexporter struct {
is image.Store
ls layer.Store
rs refstore.Store
loggerImgEvent LogImageEvent
// LogImageEvent defines interface for event generation related to image tar(load and save) operations
type LogImageEvent interface {
//LogImageEvent generates an event related to an image operation
LogImageEvent(imageID, refName, action string)
// NewTarExporter returns new Exporter for tar packages
func NewTarExporter(is image.Store, ls layer.Store, rs refstore.Store, loggerImgEvent LogImageEvent) image.Exporter {
return &tarexporter{
is: is,
ls: ls,
rs: rs,
loggerImgEvent: loggerImgEvent,