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package logger
import (
// Creator is a method that builds a logging driver instance with given context
type Creator func(Context) (Logger, error)
// Context provides enough information for a logging driver to do its function
type Context struct {
Config map[string]string
ContainerID string
ContainerName string
LogPath string
type logdriverFactory struct {
registry map[string]Creator
m sync.Mutex
func (lf *logdriverFactory) register(name string, c Creator) error {
defer lf.m.Unlock()
if _, ok := lf.registry[name]; ok {
return fmt.Errorf("logger: log driver named '%s' is already registered", name)
lf.registry[name] = c
return nil
func (lf *logdriverFactory) get(name string) (Creator, error) {
defer lf.m.Unlock()
c, ok := lf.registry[name]
if !ok {
return c, fmt.Errorf("logger: no log driver named '%s' is registered", name)
return c, nil
var factory = &logdriverFactory{registry: make(map[string]Creator)} // global factory instance
// RegisterLogDriver registers the given logging driver builder with given logging
// driver name.
func RegisterLogDriver(name string, c Creator) error {
return factory.register(name, c)
// GetLogDriver provides the logging driver builder for a logging driver name.
func GetLogDriver(name string) (Creator, error) {
return factory.get(name)