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package logger
import (
// Copier can copy logs from specified sources to Logger and attach
// ContainerID and Timestamp.
// Writes are concurrent, so you need implement some sync in your logger
type Copier struct {
// cid is container id for which we copying logs
cid string
// srcs is map of name -> reader pairs, for example "stdout", "stderr"
srcs map[string]io.Reader
dst Logger
copyJobs sync.WaitGroup
// NewCopier creates new Copier
func NewCopier(cid string, srcs map[string]io.Reader, dst Logger) (*Copier, error) {
return &Copier{
cid: cid,
srcs: srcs,
dst: dst,
}, nil
// Run starts logs copying
func (c *Copier) Run() {
for src, w := range c.srcs {
go c.copySrc(src, w)
func (c *Copier) copySrc(name string, src io.Reader) {
defer c.copyJobs.Done()
scanner := bufio.NewScanner(src)
for scanner.Scan() {
if err := c.dst.Log(&Message{ContainerID: c.cid, Line: scanner.Bytes(), Source: name, Timestamp: time.Now().UTC()}); err != nil {
logrus.Errorf("Failed to log msg %q for logger %s: %s", scanner.Bytes(), c.dst.Name(), err)
if err := scanner.Err(); err != nil {
logrus.Errorf("Error scanning log stream: %s", err)
// Wait waits until all copying is done
func (c *Copier) Wait() {