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package daemon
import (
flag ""
var (
defaultPidFile = "/var/run/"
defaultGraph = "/var/lib/docker"
defaultExec = "native"
// Config defines the configuration of a docker daemon.
// These are the configuration settings that you pass
// to the docker daemon when you launch it with say: `docker -d -e lxc`
type Config struct {
// Fields below here are platform specific.
EnableSelinuxSupport bool
ExecOptions []string
GraphOptions []string
SocketGroup string
Ulimits map[string]*ulimit.Ulimit
// InstallFlags adds command-line options to the top-level flag parser for
// the current process.
// Subsequent calls to `flag.Parse` will populate config with values parsed
// from the command-line.
func (config *Config) InstallFlags() {
// First handle install flags which are consistent cross-platform
// Then platform-specific install flags
opts.ListVar(&config.GraphOptions, []string{"-storage-opt"}, "Set storage driver options")
opts.ListVar(&config.ExecOptions, []string{"-exec-opt"}, "Set exec driver options")
flag.BoolVar(&config.EnableSelinuxSupport, []string{"-selinux-enabled"}, false, "Enable selinux support")
flag.StringVar(&config.SocketGroup, []string{"G", "-group"}, "docker", "Group for the unix socket")
config.Ulimits = make(map[string]*ulimit.Ulimit)
opts.UlimitMapVar(config.Ulimits, []string{"-default-ulimit"}, "Set default ulimits for containers")