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package runconfig
import (
flag ""
type ExecConfig struct {
User string
Privileged bool
Tty bool
Container string
AttachStdin bool
AttachStderr bool
AttachStdout bool
Detach bool
Cmd []string
func ExecConfigFromJob(job *engine.Job) (*ExecConfig, error) {
execConfig := &ExecConfig{
// TODO(vishh): Expose 'User' once it is supported.
//User: job.Getenv("User"),
// TODO(vishh): Expose 'Privileged' once it is supported.
//Privileged: job.GetenvBool("Privileged"),
Tty: job.GetenvBool("Tty"),
AttachStdin: job.GetenvBool("AttachStdin"),
AttachStderr: job.GetenvBool("AttachStderr"),
AttachStdout: job.GetenvBool("AttachStdout"),
cmd := job.GetenvList("Cmd")
if len(cmd) == 0 {
return nil, fmt.Errorf("No exec command specified")
execConfig.Cmd = cmd
return execConfig, nil
func ParseExec(cmd *flag.FlagSet, args []string) (*ExecConfig, error) {
var (
flStdin = cmd.Bool([]string{"i", "-interactive"}, false, "Keep STDIN open even if not attached")
flTty = cmd.Bool([]string{"t", "-tty"}, false, "Allocate a pseudo-TTY")
flDetach = cmd.Bool([]string{"d", "-detach"}, false, "Detached mode: run command in the background")
execCmd []string
container string
cmd.Require(flag.Min, 2)
if err := utils.ParseFlags(cmd, args, true); err != nil {
return nil, err
container = cmd.Arg(0)
parsedArgs := cmd.Args()
execCmd = parsedArgs[1:]
execConfig := &ExecConfig{
// TODO(vishh): Expose '-u' flag once it is supported.
User: "",
// TODO(vishh): Expose '-p' flag once it is supported.
Privileged: false,
Tty: *flTty,
Cmd: execCmd,
Container: container,
Detach: *flDetach,
// If -d is not set, attach to everything by default
if !*flDetach {
execConfig.AttachStdout = true
execConfig.AttachStderr = true
if *flStdin {
execConfig.AttachStdin = true
return execConfig, nil