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// +build solaris linux freebsd
package daemon
import (
runconfigopts ""
// CommonUnixConfig defines configuration of a docker daemon that is
// common across Unix platforms.
type CommonUnixConfig struct {
ExecRoot string `json:"exec-root,omitempty"`
ContainerdAddr string `json:"containerd,omitempty"`
Runtimes map[string]types.Runtime `json:"runtimes,omitempty"`
DefaultRuntime string `json:"default-runtime,omitempty"`
type commonUnixBridgeConfig struct {
DefaultIP net.IP `json:"ip,omitempty"`
IP string `json:"bip,omitempty"`
DefaultGatewayIPv4 net.IP `json:"default-gateway,omitempty"`
DefaultGatewayIPv6 net.IP `json:"default-gateway-v6,omitempty"`
InterContainerCommunication bool `json:"icc,omitempty"`
// InstallCommonUnixFlags adds command-line options to the top-level flag parser for
// the current process that are common across Unix platforms.
func (config *Config) InstallCommonUnixFlags(flags *pflag.FlagSet) {
config.Runtimes = make(map[string]types.Runtime)
flags.StringVarP(&config.SocketGroup, "group", "G", "docker", "Group for the unix socket")
flags.StringVar(&config.bridgeConfig.IP, "bip", "", "Specify network bridge IP")
flags.StringVarP(&config.bridgeConfig.Iface, "bridge", "b", "", "Attach containers to a network bridge")
flags.StringVar(&config.bridgeConfig.FixedCIDR, "fixed-cidr", "", "IPv4 subnet for fixed IPs")
flags.Var(opts.NewIPOpt(&config.bridgeConfig.DefaultGatewayIPv4, ""), "default-gateway", "Container default gateway IPv4 address")
flags.Var(opts.NewIPOpt(&config.bridgeConfig.DefaultGatewayIPv6, ""), "default-gateway-v6", "Container default gateway IPv6 address")
flags.BoolVar(&config.bridgeConfig.InterContainerCommunication, "icc", true, "Enable inter-container communication")
flags.Var(opts.NewIPOpt(&config.bridgeConfig.DefaultIP, ""), "ip", "Default IP when binding container ports")
flags.Var(runconfigopts.NewNamedRuntimeOpt("runtimes", &config.Runtimes, stockRuntimeName), "add-runtime", "Register an additional OCI compatible runtime")
flags.StringVar(&config.DefaultRuntime, "default-runtime", stockRuntimeName, "Default OCI runtime for containers")
// GetRuntime returns the runtime path and arguments for a given
// runtime name
func (config *Config) GetRuntime(name string) *types.Runtime {
defer config.reloadLock.Unlock()
if rt, ok := config.Runtimes[name]; ok {
return &rt
return nil
// GetDefaultRuntimeName returns the current default runtime
func (config *Config) GetDefaultRuntimeName() string {
rt := config.DefaultRuntime
return rt
// GetAllRuntimes returns a copy of the runtimes map
func (config *Config) GetAllRuntimes() map[string]types.Runtime {
rts := config.Runtimes
return rts
// GetExecRoot returns the user configured Exec-root
func (config *Config) GetExecRoot() string {
return config.ExecRoot
// GetInitPath returns the configure docker-init path
func (config *Config) GetInitPath() string {
defer config.reloadLock.Unlock()
if config.InitPath != "" {
return config.InitPath
return DefaultInitBinary