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// +build !windows
package daemon
import (
// setupMounts iterates through each of the mount points for a container and
// calls Setup() on each. It also looks to see if is a network mount such as
// /etc/resolv.conf, and if it is not, appends it to the array of mounts.
func (daemon *Daemon) setupMounts(c *container.Container) ([]container.Mount, error) {
var mounts []container.Mount
for _, m := range c.MountPoints {
if err := daemon.lazyInitializeVolume(c.ID, m); err != nil {
return nil, err
path, err := m.Setup()
if err != nil {
return nil, err
if !c.TrySetNetworkMount(m.Destination, path) {
mnt := container.Mount{
Source: path,
Destination: m.Destination,
Writable: m.RW,
Propagation: m.Propagation,
if m.Volume != nil {
attributes := map[string]string{
"driver": m.Volume.DriverName(),
"container": c.ID,
"destination": m.Destination,
"read/write": strconv.FormatBool(m.RW),
"propagation": m.Propagation,
daemon.LogVolumeEvent(m.Volume.Name(), "mount", attributes)
mounts = append(mounts, mnt)
mounts = sortMounts(mounts)
netMounts := c.NetworkMounts()
// if we are going to mount any of the network files from container
// metadata, the ownership must be set properly for potential container
// remapped root (user namespaces)
rootUID, rootGID := daemon.GetRemappedUIDGID()
for _, mount := range netMounts {
if err := os.Chown(mount.Source, rootUID, rootGID); err != nil {
return nil, err
return append(mounts, netMounts...), nil
// sortMounts sorts an array of mounts in lexicographic order. This ensure that
// when mounting, the mounts don't shadow other mounts. For example, if mounting
// /etc and /etc/resolv.conf, /etc/resolv.conf must not be mounted first.
func sortMounts(m []container.Mount) []container.Mount {
return m
// setBindModeIfNull is platform specific processing to ensure the
// shared mode is set to 'z' if it is null. This is called in the case
// of processing a named volume and not a typical bind.
func setBindModeIfNull(bind *volume.MountPoint) *volume.MountPoint {
if bind.Mode == "" {
bind.Mode = "z"
return bind