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package daemon
import (
// ContainerTop is a minimal implementation on Windows currently.
// TODO Windows: This needs more work, but needs platform API support.
// All we can currently return (particularly in the case of Hyper-V containers)
// is a PID and the command.
func (daemon *Daemon) ContainerTop(containerID string, psArgs string) (*types.ContainerProcessList, error) {
// It's really not an equivalent to linux 'ps' on Windows
if psArgs != "" {
return nil, errors.New("Windows does not support arguments to top")
s, err := daemon.containerd.Summary(containerID)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
procList := &types.ContainerProcessList{}
for _, v := range s {
procList.Titles = append(procList.Titles, strconv.Itoa(int(v.Pid))+" "+v.Command)
return procList, nil