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package daemon
import (
// newStatsCollector returns a new statsCollector for collection stats
// for a registered container at the specified interval. The collector allows
// non-running containers to be added and will start processing stats when
// they are started.
func (daemon *Daemon) newStatsCollector(interval time.Duration) *statsCollector {
return &statsCollector{}
// statsCollector manages and provides container resource stats
type statsCollector struct {
// collect registers the container with the collector and adds it to
// the event loop for collection on the specified interval returning
// a channel for the subscriber to receive on.
func (s *statsCollector) collect(c *container.Container) chan interface{} {
return nil
// stopCollection closes the channels for all subscribers and removes
// the container from metrics collection.
func (s *statsCollector) stopCollection(c *container.Container) {
// unsubscribe removes a specific subscriber from receiving updates for a container's stats.
func (s *statsCollector) unsubscribe(c *container.Container, ch chan interface{}) {