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package daemon
import (
// ContainerRestart stops and starts a container. It attempts to
// gracefully stop the container within the given timeout, forcefully
// stopping it if the timeout is exceeded. If given a negative
// timeout, ContainerRestart will wait forever until a graceful
// stop. Returns an error if the container cannot be found, or if
// there is an underlying error at any stage of the restart.
func (daemon *Daemon) ContainerRestart(name string, seconds int) error {
container, err := daemon.GetContainer(name)
if err != nil {
return err
if err := daemon.containerRestart(container, seconds); err != nil {
return fmt.Errorf("Cannot restart container %s: %v", name, err)
return nil
// containerRestart attempts to gracefully stop and then start the
// container. When stopping, wait for the given duration in seconds to
// gracefully stop, before forcefully terminating the container. If
// given a negative duration, wait forever for a graceful stop.
func (daemon *Daemon) containerRestart(container *container.Container, seconds int) error {
// Avoid unnecessarily unmounting and then directly mounting
// the container when the container stops and then starts
// again
if err := daemon.Mount(container); err == nil {
defer daemon.Unmount(container)
if err := daemon.containerStop(container, seconds); err != nil {
return err
if err := daemon.containerStart(container); err != nil {
return err
daemon.LogContainerEvent(container, "restart")
return nil