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package container
import (
// ResolvePath resolves the given path in the container to a resource on the
// host. Returns a resolved path (absolute path to the resource on the host),
// the absolute path to the resource relative to the container's rootfs, and
// a error if the path points to outside the container's rootfs.
func (container *Container) ResolvePath(path string) (resolvedPath, absPath string, err error) {
// Consider the given path as an absolute path in the container.
absPath = archive.PreserveTrailingDotOrSeparator(filepath.Join(string(filepath.Separator), path), path)
// Split the absPath into its Directory and Base components. We will
// resolve the dir in the scope of the container then append the base.
dirPath, basePath := filepath.Split(absPath)
resolvedDirPath, err := container.GetResourcePath(dirPath)
if err != nil {
return "", "", err
// resolvedDirPath will have been cleaned (no trailing path separators) so
// we can manually join it with the base path element.
resolvedPath = resolvedDirPath + string(filepath.Separator) + basePath
return resolvedPath, absPath, nil
// StatPath is the unexported version of StatPath. Locks and mounts should
// be acquired before calling this method and the given path should be fully
// resolved to a path on the host corresponding to the given absolute path
// inside the container.
func (container *Container) StatPath(resolvedPath, absPath string) (stat *types.ContainerPathStat, err error) {
lstat, err := os.Lstat(resolvedPath)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
var linkTarget string
if lstat.Mode()&os.ModeSymlink != 0 {
// Fully evaluate the symlink in the scope of the container rootfs.
hostPath, err := container.GetResourcePath(absPath)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
linkTarget, err = filepath.Rel(container.BaseFS, hostPath)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
// Make it an absolute path.
linkTarget = filepath.Join(string(filepath.Separator), linkTarget)
return &types.ContainerPathStat{
Name: filepath.Base(absPath),
Size: lstat.Size(),
Mode: lstat.Mode(),
Mtime: lstat.ModTime(),
LinkTarget: linkTarget,
}, nil