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package execdriver
import (
var (
ErrNotRunning = errors.New("Process could not be started")
ErrWaitTimeoutReached = errors.New("Wait timeout reached")
ErrDriverAlreadyRegistered = errors.New("A driver already registered this docker init function")
ErrDriverNotFound = errors.New("The requested docker init has not been found")
var dockerInitFcts map[string]InitFunc
type (
StartCallback func(*Command)
InitFunc func(i *InitArgs) error
func RegisterInitFunc(name string, fct InitFunc) error {
if dockerInitFcts == nil {
dockerInitFcts = make(map[string]InitFunc)
if _, ok := dockerInitFcts[name]; ok {
return ErrDriverAlreadyRegistered
dockerInitFcts[name] = fct
return nil
func GetInitFunc(name string) (InitFunc, error) {
fct, ok := dockerInitFcts[name]
if !ok {
return nil, ErrDriverNotFound
return fct, nil
// Args provided to the init function for a driver
type InitArgs struct {
User string
Gateway string
Ip string
WorkDir string
Privileged bool
Env []string
Args []string
Mtu int
Driver string
// Driver specific information based on
// processes registered with the driver
type Info interface {
IsRunning() bool
type Driver interface {
Run(c *Command, startCallback StartCallback) (int, error) // Run executes the process and blocks until the process exits and returns the exit code
Kill(c *Command, sig int) error
Restore(c *Command) error // Wait and try to re-attach on an out of process command
Name() string // Driver name
Info(id string) Info // "temporary" hack (until we move state from core to plugins)
GetPidsForContainer(id string) ([]int, error) // Returns a list of pids for the given container.
// Network settings of the container
type Network struct {
Gateway string `json:"gateway"`
IPAddress string `json:"ip"`
Bridge string `json:"bridge"`
IPPrefixLen int `json:"ip_prefix_len"`
Mtu int `json:"mtu"`
type Resources struct {
Memory int64 `json:"memory"`
MemorySwap int64 `json:"memory_swap"`
CpuShares int64 `json:"cpu_shares"`
// Process wrapps an os/exec.Cmd to add more metadata
// TODO: Rename to Command
type Command struct {
exec.Cmd `json:"-"`
ID string `json:"id"`
Privileged bool `json:"privileged"`
User string `json:"user"`
Rootfs string `json:"rootfs"` // root fs of the container
InitPath string `json:"initpath"` // dockerinit
Entrypoint string `json:"entrypoint"`
Arguments []string `json:"arguments"`
WorkingDir string `json:"working_dir"`
ConfigPath string `json:"config_path"` // this should be able to be removed when the lxc template is moved into the driver
Tty bool `json:"tty"`
Network *Network `json:"network"` // if network is nil then networking is disabled
Config []string `json:"config"` // generic values that specific drivers can consume
Resources *Resources `json:"resources"`
// Return the pid of the process
// If the process is nil -1 will be returned
func (c *Command) Pid() int {
if c.Process == nil {
return -1
return c.Process.Pid