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# See the top level Makefile in for usage.
FROM debian:jessie
MAINTAINER Sven Dowideit <> (@SvenDowideit)
RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -yq make python-pip python-setuptools vim-tiny git gettext
RUN pip install mkdocs
# add MarkdownTools to get transclusion
# (future development)
#RUN easy_install -U setuptools
#RUN pip install MarkdownTools2
# this week I seem to need the latest dev release of awscli too
# awscli 1.3.6 does --error-document correctly
RUN pip install awscli
# get my sitemap.xml branch of mkdocs and use that for now
RUN git clone &&\
cd mkdocs/ &&\
git checkout docker-markdown-merge &&\
./ install
ADD . /docs
ADD MAINTAINERS /docs/sources/humans.txt
RUN VERSION=$(cat /docs/VERSION) &&\
GIT_BRANCH=$(cat /docs/GIT_BRANCH) &&\
AWS_S3_BUCKET=$(cat /docs/AWS_S3_BUCKET) &&\
echo "{% set docker_version = \"${VERSION}\" %}{% set docker_branch = \"${GIT_BRANCH}\" %}{% set aws_bucket = \"${AWS_S3_BUCKET}\" %}{% include \"beta_warning.html\" %}" > /docs/theme/mkdocs/version.html
# note, EXPOSE is only last because of
CMD ["mkdocs", "serve"]