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package bolt
import "errors"
// These errors can be returned when opening or calling methods on a DB.
var (
// ErrDatabaseNotOpen is returned when a DB instance is accessed before it
// is opened or after it is closed.
ErrDatabaseNotOpen = errors.New("database not open")
// ErrDatabaseOpen is returned when opening a database that is
// already open.
ErrDatabaseOpen = errors.New("database already open")
// ErrInvalid is returned when both meta pages on a database are invalid.
// This typically occurs when a file is not a bolt database.
ErrInvalid = errors.New("invalid database")
// ErrVersionMismatch is returned when the data file was created with a
// different version of Bolt.
ErrVersionMismatch = errors.New("version mismatch")
// ErrChecksum is returned when either meta page checksum does not match.
ErrChecksum = errors.New("checksum error")
// ErrTimeout is returned when a database cannot obtain an exclusive lock
// on the data file after the timeout passed to Open().
ErrTimeout = errors.New("timeout")
// These errors can occur when beginning or committing a Tx.
var (
// ErrTxNotWritable is returned when performing a write operation on a
// read-only transaction.
ErrTxNotWritable = errors.New("tx not writable")
// ErrTxClosed is returned when committing or rolling back a transaction
// that has already been committed or rolled back.
ErrTxClosed = errors.New("tx closed")
// ErrDatabaseReadOnly is returned when a mutating transaction is started on a
// read-only database.
ErrDatabaseReadOnly = errors.New("database is in read-only mode")
// These errors can occur when putting or deleting a value or a bucket.
var (
// ErrBucketNotFound is returned when trying to access a bucket that has
// not been created yet.
ErrBucketNotFound = errors.New("bucket not found")
// ErrBucketExists is returned when creating a bucket that already exists.
ErrBucketExists = errors.New("bucket already exists")
// ErrBucketNameRequired is returned when creating a bucket with a blank name.
ErrBucketNameRequired = errors.New("bucket name required")
// ErrKeyRequired is returned when inserting a zero-length key.
ErrKeyRequired = errors.New("key required")
// ErrKeyTooLarge is returned when inserting a key that is larger than MaxKeySize.
ErrKeyTooLarge = errors.New("key too large")
// ErrValueTooLarge is returned when inserting a value that is larger than MaxValueSize.
ErrValueTooLarge = errors.New("value too large")
// ErrIncompatibleValue is returned when trying create or delete a bucket
// on an existing non-bucket key or when trying to create or delete a
// non-bucket key on an existing bucket key.
ErrIncompatibleValue = errors.New("incompatible value")