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package jsonlog
import (
// JSONLog represents a log message, typically a single entry from a given log stream.
// JSONLogs can be easily serialized to and from JSON and support custom formatting.
type JSONLog struct {
// Log is the log message
Log string `json:"log,omitempty"`
// Stream is the log source
Stream string `json:"stream,omitempty"`
// Created is the created timestamp of log
Created time.Time `json:"time"`
// Attrs is the list of extra attributes provided by the user
Attrs map[string]string `json:"attrs,omitempty"`
// Format returns the log formatted according to format
// If format is nil, returns the log message
// If format is json, returns the log marshaled in json format
// By default, returns the log with the log time formatted according to format.
func (jl *JSONLog) Format(format string) (string, error) {
if format == "" {
return jl.Log, nil
if format == "json" {
m, err := json.Marshal(jl)
return string(m), err
return fmt.Sprintf("%s %s", jl.Created.Format(format), jl.Log), nil
// Reset resets the log to nil.
func (jl *JSONLog) Reset() {
jl.Log = ""
jl.Stream = ""
jl.Created = time.Time{}