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package httputils
import (
// MimeTypes stores the MIME content type.
var MimeTypes = struct {
TextPlain string
Tar string
OctetStream string
}{"text/plain", "application/tar", "application/octet-stream"}
// DetectContentType returns a best guess representation of the MIME
// content type for the bytes at c. The value detected by
// http.DetectContentType is guaranteed not be nil, defaulting to
// application/octet-stream when a better guess cannot be made. The
// result of this detection is then run through mime.ParseMediaType()
// which separates the actual MIME string from any parameters.
func DetectContentType(c []byte) (string, map[string]string, error) {
ct := http.DetectContentType(c)
contentType, args, err := mime.ParseMediaType(ct)
if err != nil {
return "", nil, err
return contentType, args, nil