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// +build !windows
package main
import (
// save a repo and try to load it using stdout
func (s *DockerSuite) TestSaveAndLoadRepoStdout(c *check.C) {
name := "test-save-and-load-repo-stdout"
dockerCmd(c, "run", "--name", name, "busybox", "true")
repoName := "foobar-save-load-test"
before, _ := dockerCmd(c, "commit", name, repoName)
before = strings.TrimRight(before, "\n")
tmpFile, err := ioutil.TempFile("", "foobar-save-load-test.tar")
c.Assert(err, check.IsNil)
defer os.Remove(tmpFile.Name())
saveCmd := exec.Command(dockerBinary, "save", repoName)
saveCmd.Stdout = tmpFile
_, err = runCommand(saveCmd)
c.Assert(err, check.IsNil)
tmpFile, err = os.Open(tmpFile.Name())
c.Assert(err, check.IsNil)
loadCmd := exec.Command(dockerBinary, "load")
loadCmd.Stdin = tmpFile
out, _, err := runCommandWithOutput(loadCmd)
c.Assert(err, check.IsNil, check.Commentf(out))
after := inspectField(c, repoName, "Id")
after = strings.TrimRight(after, "\n")
c.Assert(after, check.Equals, before) //inspect is not the same after a save / load
pty, tty, err := pty.Open()
c.Assert(err, check.IsNil)
cmd := exec.Command(dockerBinary, "save", repoName)
cmd.Stdin = tty
cmd.Stdout = tty
cmd.Stderr = tty
c.Assert(cmd.Start(), check.IsNil)
c.Assert(cmd.Wait(), check.NotNil) //did not break writing to a TTY
buf := make([]byte, 1024)
n, err := pty.Read(buf)
c.Assert(err, check.IsNil) //could not read tty output
c.Assert(string(buf[:n]), checker.Contains, "Cowardly refusing", check.Commentf("help output is not being yielded", out))
func (s *DockerSuite) TestSaveAndLoadWithProgressBar(c *check.C) {
name := "test-load"
_, err := buildImage(name, `
FROM busybox
RUN touch aa
`, true)
c.Assert(err, check.IsNil)
tmptar := name + ".tar"
dockerCmd(c, "save", "-o", tmptar, name)
defer os.Remove(tmptar)
dockerCmd(c, "rmi", name)
dockerCmd(c, "tag", "busybox", name)
out, _ := dockerCmd(c, "load", "-i", tmptar)
expected := fmt.Sprintf("The image %s:latest already exists, renaming the old one with ID", name)
c.Assert(out, checker.Contains, expected)