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package runconfig
import (
// DefaultDaemonNetworkMode returns the default network stack the daemon should
// use.
func DefaultDaemonNetworkMode() container.NetworkMode {
return container.NetworkMode("default")
// IsPreDefinedNetwork indicates if a network is predefined by the daemon
func IsPreDefinedNetwork(network string) bool {
return false
// ValidateNetMode ensures that the various combinations of requested
// network settings are valid.
func ValidateNetMode(c *container.Config, hc *container.HostConfig) error {
// We may not be passed a host config, such as in the case of docker commit
if hc == nil {
return nil
parts := strings.Split(string(hc.NetworkMode), ":")
switch mode := parts[0]; mode {
case "default", "none":
return fmt.Errorf("invalid --net: %s", hc.NetworkMode)
return nil
// ValidateIsolation performs platform specific validation of the
// isolation level in the hostconfig structure.
// This setting is currently discarded for Solaris so this is a no-op.
func ValidateIsolation(hc *container.HostConfig) error {
return nil
// ValidateQoS performs platform specific validation of the QoS settings
func ValidateQoS(hc *container.HostConfig) error {
return nil