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package libcontainerd
import (
// State constants used in state change reporting.
const (
StateStart = "start-container"
StatePause = "pause"
StateResume = "resume"
StateExit = "exit"
StateRestart = "restart"
StateRestore = "restore"
StateStartProcess = "start-process"
StateExitProcess = "exit-process"
StateOOM = "oom" // fake state
stateLive = "live"
// CommonStateInfo contains the state info common to all platforms.
type CommonStateInfo struct { // FIXME: event?
State string
Pid uint32
ExitCode uint32
ProcessID string
// Backend defines callbacks that the client of the library needs to implement.
type Backend interface {
StateChanged(containerID string, state StateInfo) error
AttachStreams(processFriendlyName string, io IOPipe) error
// Client provides access to containerd features.
type Client interface {
Create(containerID string, spec Spec, options ...CreateOption) error
Signal(containerID string, sig int) error
SignalProcess(containerID string, processFriendlyName string, sig int) error
AddProcess(ctx context.Context, containerID, processFriendlyName string, process Process) error
Resize(containerID, processFriendlyName string, width, height int) error
Pause(containerID string) error
Resume(containerID string) error
Restore(containerID string, options ...CreateOption) error
Stats(containerID string) (*Stats, error)
GetPidsForContainer(containerID string) ([]int, error)
Summary(containerID string) ([]Summary, error)
UpdateResources(containerID string, resources Resources) error
// CreateOption allows to configure parameters of container creation.
type CreateOption interface {
Apply(interface{}) error
// IOPipe contains the stdio streams.
type IOPipe struct {
Stdin io.WriteCloser
Stdout io.Reader
Stderr io.Reader
Terminal bool // Whether stderr is connected on Windows