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package libcontainerd
import (
const (
// InitFriendlyName is the name given in the lookup map of processes
// for the first process started in a container.
InitFriendlyName = "init"
configFilename = "config.json"
type containerCommon struct {
restartManager restartmanager.RestartManager
restarting bool
processes map[string]*process
startedAt time.Time
// WithRestartManager sets the restartmanager to be used with the container.
func WithRestartManager(rm restartmanager.RestartManager) CreateOption {
return restartManager{rm}
type restartManager struct {
rm restartmanager.RestartManager
func (rm restartManager) Apply(p interface{}) error {
if pr, ok := p.(*container); ok {
pr.restartManager = rm.rm
return nil
return fmt.Errorf("WithRestartManager option not supported for this client")