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package libcontainerd
import (
// EventType represents a possible event from libcontainerd
type EventType string
// Event constants used when reporting events
const (
EventUnknown EventType = "unknown"
EventExit EventType = "exit"
EventOOM EventType = "oom"
EventCreate EventType = "create"
EventStart EventType = "start"
EventExecAdded EventType = "exec-added"
EventExecStarted EventType = "exec-started"
EventPaused EventType = "paused"
EventResumed EventType = "resumed"
// Status represents the current status of a container
type Status string
// Possible container statuses
const (
// Running indicates the process is currently executing
StatusRunning Status = "running"
// Created indicates the process has been created within containerd but the
// user's defined process has not started
StatusCreated Status = "created"
// Stopped indicates that the process has ran and exited
StatusStopped Status = "stopped"
// Paused indicates that the process is currently paused
StatusPaused Status = "paused"
// Pausing indicates that the process is currently switching from a
// running state into a paused state
StatusPausing Status = "pausing"
// Unknown indicates that we could not determine the status from the runtime
StatusUnknown Status = "unknown"
// Remote on Linux defines the accesspoint to the containerd grpc API.
// Remote on Windows is largely an unimplemented interface as there is
// no remote containerd.
type Remote interface {
// Client returns a new Client instance connected with given Backend.
NewClient(namespace string, backend Backend) (Client, error)
// Cleanup stops containerd if it was started by libcontainerd.
// Note this is not used on Windows as there is no remote containerd.
// RemoteOption allows to configure parameters of remotes.
// This is unused on Windows.
type RemoteOption interface {
Apply(Remote) error
// EventInfo contains the event info
type EventInfo struct {
ContainerID string
ProcessID string
Pid uint32
ExitCode uint32
ExitedAt time.Time
OOMKilled bool
// Windows Only field
UpdatePending bool
// Backend defines callbacks that the client of the library needs to implement.
type Backend interface {
ProcessEvent(containerID string, event EventType, ei EventInfo) error
// Client provides access to containerd features.
type Client interface {
Restore(ctx context.Context, containerID string, attachStdio StdioCallback) (alive bool, pid int, err error)
Create(ctx context.Context, containerID string, spec *specs.Spec, runtimeOptions interface{}) error
Start(ctx context.Context, containerID, checkpointDir string, withStdin bool, attachStdio StdioCallback) (pid int, err error)
SignalProcess(ctx context.Context, containerID, processID string, signal int) error
Exec(ctx context.Context, containerID, processID string, spec *specs.Process, withStdin bool, attachStdio StdioCallback) (int, error)
ResizeTerminal(ctx context.Context, containerID, processID string, width, height int) error
CloseStdin(ctx context.Context, containerID, processID string) error
Pause(ctx context.Context, containerID string) error
Resume(ctx context.Context, containerID string) error
Stats(ctx context.Context, containerID string) (*Stats, error)
ListPids(ctx context.Context, containerID string) ([]uint32, error)
Summary(ctx context.Context, containerID string) ([]Summary, error)
DeleteTask(ctx context.Context, containerID string) (uint32, time.Time, error)
Delete(ctx context.Context, containerID string) error
Status(ctx context.Context, containerID string) (Status, error)
UpdateResources(ctx context.Context, containerID string, resources *Resources) error
CreateCheckpoint(ctx context.Context, containerID, checkpointDir string, exit bool) error
// StdioCallback is called to connect a container or process stdio.
type StdioCallback func(*IOPipe) (containerd.IO, error)
// IOPipe contains the stdio streams.
type IOPipe struct {
Stdin io.WriteCloser
Stdout io.ReadCloser
Stderr io.ReadCloser
Terminal bool // Whether stderr is connected on Windows
cancel context.CancelFunc
config containerd.IOConfig
// ServerVersion contains version information as retrieved from the
// server
type ServerVersion struct {