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# Moby maintainers file
# This file describes who runs the docker/docker project and how.
# This is a living document - if you see something out of date or missing, speak up!
# It is structured to be consumable by both humans and programs.
# To extract its contents programmatically, use any TOML-compliant
# parser.
# This file is compiled into the MAINTAINERS file in docker/opensource.
[Org."Core maintainers"]
# The Core maintainers are the ghostbusters of the project: when there's a problem others
# can't solve, they show up and fix it with bizarre devices and weaponry.
# They have final say on technical implementation and coding style.
# They are ultimately responsible for quality in all its forms: usability polish,
# bugfixes, performance, stability, etc. When ownership can cleanly be passed to
# a subsystem, they are responsible for doing so and holding the
# subsystem maintainers accountable. If ownership is unclear, they are the de facto owners.
# For each release (including minor releases), a "release captain" is assigned from the
# pool of core maintainers. Rotation is encouraged across all maintainers, to ensure
# the release process is clear and up-to-date.
people = [
[Org."Docs maintainers"]
# TODO Describe the docs maintainers role.
people = [
# The curators help ensure that incoming issues and pull requests are properly triaged and
# that our various contribution and reviewing processes are respected. With their knowledge of
# the repository activity, they can also guide contributors to relevant material or
# discussions.
# They are neither code nor docs reviewers, so they are never expected to merge. They can
# however:
# - close an issue or pull request when it's an exact duplicate
# - close an issue or pull request when it's inappropriate or off-topic
people = [
# This list contains maintainers that are no longer active on the project.
# It is thanks to these people that the project has become what it is today.
# Thank you!
people = [
# David Calavera contributed many features to Docker, such as an improved
# event system, dynamic configuration reloading, volume plugins, fancy
# new templating options, and an external client credential store. As a
# maintainer, David was release captain for Docker 1.8, and competing
# with Jess Frazelle to be "top dream killer".
# David is now doing amazing stuff as CTO for,
# and tweets as @calavera.
# As a maintainer, Erik was responsible for the "builder", and
# started the first designs for the new networking model in
# Docker. Erik is now working on all kinds of plugins for Docker
# ( and various open source projects
# in his own repository You may
# still stumble into him in our issue tracker, or on IRC.
# After a false start with his first PR being rejected, James Turnbull became a frequent
# contributor to the documentation, and became a docs maintainer on December 5, 2013. As
# a maintainer, James lifted the docs to a higher standard, and introduced the community
# guidelines ("three strikes"). James is currently changing the world as CTO of,
# meanwhile authoring various books that are worth checking out. You can find him on Twitter,
# rambling as @kartar, and although no longer active as a maintainer, he's always "game" to
# help out reviewing docs PRs, so you may still see him around in the repository.
# Jessica Frazelle, also known as the "Keyser Söze of containers",
# runs *everything* in containers. She started contributing to
# Docker with a (fun fun) change involving both iptables and regular
# expressions (coz, YOLO!) on July 10, 2014
# Jess was Release Captain for Docker 1.4, 1.6 and 1.7, and contributed
# many features and improvement, among which "seccomp profiles" (making
# containers a lot more secure). Besides being a maintainer, she
# set up the CI infrastructure for the project, giving everyone
# something to shout at if a PR failed ("noooo Janky!").
# Jess is currently working on the DCOS security team at Mesosphere,
# and contributing to various open source projects.
# Be sure you don't miss her talks at a conference near you (a must-see),
# read her blog at (a must-read), and
# check out her open source projects on GitHub (a must-try).
# As a docs maintainer, Mary Anthony contributed greatly to the Docker
# docs. She wrote the Docker Contributor Guide and Getting Started
# Guides. She helped create a doc build system independent of
# docker/docker project, and implemented a new theme and
# nav for 2015 Dockercon. Fun fact: the most inherited layer in DockerHub
# public repositories was originally referenced in
# maryatdocker/docker-whale back in May 2015.
# Jana Radhakrishnan was part of the SocketPlane team that joined Docker.
# As a maintainer, he was the lead architect for the Container Network
# Model (CNM) implemented through libnetwork, and the "routing mesh" powering
# Swarm mode networking.
# Jana started new adventures in networking, but you can find him tweeting as @mrjana,
# coding on GitHub, and he may be hiding on the Docker Community
# slack channel :-)
# Sven Dowideit became a well known person in the Docker ecosphere, building
# boot2docker, and became a regular contributor to the project, starting as
# early as October 2013 (, to become
# a maintainer less than two months later (
# As a maintainer, Sven took on the task to convert the documentation from
# ReStructuredText to Markdown, migrate to Hugo for generating the docs, and
# writing tooling for building, testing, and publishing them.
# If you're not in the occasion to visit "the Australian office", you
# can keep up with Sven on Twitter (@SvenDowideit), his blog,
# and of course on GitHub.
# Vincent "vbatts!" Batts made his first contribution to the project
# in November 2013, to become a maintainer a few months later, on
# May 10, 2014 (
# As a maintainer, Vincent made important contributions to core elements
# of Docker, such as "distribution" (tarsum) and graphdrivers (btrfs, devicemapper).
# He also contributed the "tar-split" library, an important element
# for the content-addressable store.
# Vincent is currently a member of the Open Containers Initiative
# Technical Oversight Board (TOB), besides his work at Red Hat and
# Project Atomic. You can still find him regularly hanging out in
# our repository and the #docker-dev and #docker-maintainers IRC channels
# for a chat, as he's always a lot of fun.
# Vishnu became a maintainer to help out on the daemon codebase and
# libcontainer integration. He's currently involved in the
# Open Containers Initiative, working on the specifications,
# besides his work on cAdvisor and Kubernetes for Google.
# A reference list of all people associated with the project.
# All other sections should refer to people by their canonical key
# in the people section.
Name = "Aaron Lehmann"
Email = ""
GitHub = "aaronlehmann"
Name = "Alessandro Boch"
Email = ""
GitHub = "aboch"
Name = "Alex Ellis"
Email = ""
GitHub = "alexellis"
Name = "Akihiro Suda"
Email = ""
GitHub = "AkihiroSuda"
Name = "Andrea Luzzardi"
Email = ""
GitHub = "aluzzardi"
Name = "Harald Albers"
Email = ""
GitHub = "albers"
Name = "Andrew Hsu"
Email = ""
GitHub = "andrewhsu"
Name = "Jesse White"
Email = ""
GitHub = "anonymuse"
Name = "Anusha Ragunathan"
Email = ""
GitHub = "anusha-ragunathan"
Name = "David Calavera"
Email = ""
GitHub = "calavera"
Name = "Lei Jitang"
Email = ""
GitHub = "coolljt0725"
Name = "Brian Goff"
Email = ""
GitHub = "cpuguy83"
Name = "Chanwit Kaewkasi"
Email = ""
GitHub = "chanwit"
Name = "Michael Crosby"
Email = ""
GitHub = "crosbymichael"
Name = "Daniel Nephin"
Email = ""
GitHub = "dnephin"
Name = "Doug Davis"
Email = ""
GitHub = "duglin"
Name = "Evan Hazlett"
Email = ""
GitHub = "ehazlett"
Name = "Erik Hollensbe"
Email = ""
GitHub = "erikh"
Name = "Phil Estes"
Email = ""
GitHub = "estesp"
Name = "Lorenzo Fontana"
Email = ""
GitHub = "fntlnz"
Name = "Gianluca Arbezzano"
Email = ""
GitHub = "gianarb"
Name = "Arnaud Porterie"
Email = ""
GitHub = "icecrime"
Name = "James Turnbull"
Email = ""
GitHub = "jamtur01"
Name = "John Howard"
Email = ""
GitHub = "jhowardmsft"
Name = "Jessie Frazelle"
Email = ""
GitHub = "jessfraz"
Name = "John Stephens"
Email = ""
GitHub = "johnstep"
Name = "Justin Cormack"
Email = ""
GitHub = "justincormack"
Name = "Alexander Morozov"
Email = ""
GitHub = "lk4d4"
Name = "Madhu Venugopal"
Email = ""
GitHub = "mavenugo"
Name = "Mike Goelzer"
Email = ""
GitHub = "mgoelzer"
Name = "Morgan Bauer"
Email = ""
GitHub = "mhbauer"
Name = "Misty Stanley-Jones"
Email = ""
GitHub = "mstanleyjones"
Name = "Kenfe-Mickaël Laventure"
Email = ""
GitHub = "mlaventure"
Name = "Mary Anthony"
Email = ""
GitHub = "moxiegirl"
Name = "Jana Radhakrishnan"
Email = ""
GitHub = "mrjana"
Name = "Jeff Anderson"
Email = ""
GitHub = "programmerq"
Name = "Laura Frank"
Email = ""
GitHub = "rheinwein"
Name = "Boaz Shuster"
Email = ""
GitHub = "ripcurld0"
Name = "Antonio Murdaca"
Email = ""
GitHub = "runcom"
Name = "Solomon Hykes"
Email = ""
GitHub = "shykes"
Name = "Stephen Day"
Email = ""
GitHub = "stevvooe"
Name = "Sven Dowideit"
Email = ""
GitHub = "SvenDowideit"
Name = "Sebastiaan van Stijn"
Email = ""
GitHub = "thaJeztah"
Name = "Tianon Gravi"
Email = ""
GitHub = "tianon"
Name = "Tibor Vass"
Email = ""
GitHub = "tiborvass"
Name = "Tõnis Tiigi"
Email = ""
GitHub = "tonistiigi"
Name = "Cristian Staretu"
Email = ""
GitHub = "unclejack"
Name = "Vincent Batts"
Email = ""
GitHub = "vbatts"
Name = "Vincent Demeester"
Email = ""
GitHub = "vdemeester"
Name = "Victor Vieux"
Email = ""
GitHub = "vieux"
Name = "Vishnu Kannan"
Email = ""
GitHub = "vishh"
Name = "Yong Tang"
Email = ""
GitHub = "yongtang"